Farmer is king!

Trend setter KCR never foiled the trust of farmers who kept on him. Immediately after coming to the power he transformed almost entire land in Telangana into wet lands and retained the trust of farmers laid on him. An average Telangana farmer struggled a lot to get water for his farm land. Hide and seek monsoons turned the life of the farmer into measurable. There is no single day that farmer felt happy by looking into his field. Transforming the tearful of eyes of Telangana farmer into tears of joy was remained as dream. But now the situations fully changed. KCR strongly felt that ‘Golden Telangana’ is only in the joyful faces of farmers. This cause made him to fight for separate state. He wants to make the farmer as king! So he decided to transform each village with green fields. To achieve this every village is needed to provide with irrigation water facility throughout the year. Major irrigation in Telangana depends on wells and boars. So after coming to the power, the first thing he has done is filling the tanks in the villages. When the water is available in sufficient enough for irrigation, that will become great asset to the farmers. KCR also really wanted this. Once, everybody expressed doubt on achieving Telangana. Now those people in full of joy after looking into the state that transformed into rice bowl of the country. Now every village in Telangana filled with luminous joy and pleasure. If a leader becomes the ruler who fought for the cause of farmers and how he transforms the lives of peasants, Telangana remains a best example for this. By successfully completing the Kaleswaram project, really KCR became ‘Bhagiratha’. The farming lands once remain in dry for lack of water, now rejoicing with sufficient water. They are giving rich yields to farmers and causing self confidence in their faces. KCR has been implementing welfare schemes which became the role model of our country. Previously those farmers migrated to other cities like Bombay, now under the glorious rule of KCR, returned back to their fields. The villages once remain vacant due to migrations, now looks in festive appearance. The welfare scheme ‘Raitu Bandhu’ which is brain child of KCR, really transformed the life of peasants who had been struggling for investment. Under this scheme the amount deposited in the accounts of farmers has been given great financial strength to farmers till now who remain in doldrums. Now the days has gone which totally dependent on monsoons. After sowing the seed, every day farmers used to look into the sky for rain for water. There was no guarantee of rain and the loans that borrowed always made the farmers to fear of their future. Lack of proper power supply also added to their troubles. In these circumstances they were unable to water their crops properly in required time. This was also one of the causes for the measurable situation of Telangana peasants. But now the situation has been totally changed. 24×7 free power supply has been providing to the farmers. At present tanks in the villages are filled with full of water. This made the boars and wells to have sufficient water throughout the year. With all these facilities raised the confidence among the Telangana farmers. During the united rule, even irrigation ministry was formed; there was no proper allocation of budget. If Telangana leader made Mister for this branch, he was helpless to do anything due to lack of funds. That was the situation prevailed then. Now River Godavari waters are flowing throughout the state. Chain system of tanks are now with full of water throughout the year, made the agriculture as dependable profession. Previous governments took the steps to strike off the loans of the farmers, but in vain. At present under ‘Raitubandhu’ Government is providing financial assistance for investment purpose. This caused to raise confidence among the farmers on agriculture profession. Most of the farmers get rid of the loans from the local money lenders as well as from banks. Even they took the loans from the banks, the quantity is greatly reduced. At the same time farmers are able to repay their loans in mean time. These are the benefits caused by ‘Raitubandhu’. After implementing this scheme farmer suicides are totally stopped in the state.

The Telangana Government appointed number of agriculture extension officers to give proper advices to the farmers on which crops to be grown. Redgram and mirch crops recorded highest yield last year is the best example for the steps taken by the government. Now the flourishing farmers in Telangana are happy under the rule of KCR. Since eight years of rule, KCR faced number of challenges. After successfully overcoming them he made the state as ‘Bangaru Telangana’.

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