Real estate boom in Andhra and collapse in Telangana

• Positive wave for alliance in AP

• Real estate again in josh

• Now realtors looking at Amaravathi

• Down trend in Telangana

• Real estate is regaining its normal state in Andhra

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• Real estate glory facing down ward trend in Telangna

• Progressive trend began in Andhra

• When will this business regain its normal stage in Telangana?

• Litigation problems raised to top level

• Watching and waiting is only option.

• No progress in sales even prices dropped

• People now relying on gold instead of land

Is negative trend is going in Telangana for Real Estate business? When we observe ongoing trends looks like true for some extent. Since 2004 real estate business exhibited its progressive trend in Telangana region especially in the capital city Hyderabad. After the formation of separate state at a time this real boom touched the peak level. Especially the revolutionary changes in irrigation field brought by KCR, caused for well establishment of real estate business in the state. At a time land rates in Telangana increased abnormally. Within short period the land rates raised from thousands to lakhs and then to crores. Really speaking this upward trend even spread to rural areas. It is not exaggerate to say that the land rates crossed the gold rates! Simultaneously irrigation and real estate business rose with competing with each other. Villages also experienced the plots business which has not seen before. At one stage it became very difficult to purchase even one acre land. That was golden era for real estate business in the state. Unfortunately since six months it has been experiencing downward trend. Entire surrounding areas of Hyderabad turned into densely populated area. Now Hyderabad became IT hub and this caused realtors to construct big business and residential complexes even in the areas with full of rocks. Now everywhere skyscrapers spread in and outside the city. Banjara hills and Jubilee hills lost their real form and now transformed into concrete jungle. Real estate filed gradually spread towards Shamshabad, Serilimgampalli. Now these two areas merged in Hyderabad. At present it gradually is expanding towards Sangareddy.
It is not surprising that today it is highly impossible to get even singe yard of land. The city expansion is such a fast that today it is very difficult to purchase land at High Tech city. With the expansion of IT industry, now this business spread beyond High Tech city. If this trend continues, within short period it will become very difficult to get land in city hamlet regions. Once there prevailed villages around the city. Now all of them got merged with Hyderabad. Now where ever you see all the areas filled with apartments. The fast growth of IT sector is the main reason for this expansion. Now pharmacy sector also has been expanding in surrounding areas creating boom for realtor business. With this people who fed up with life in concrete jungle began to show interest on own independent houses in villages. With this, Villa tread gradually expanded. With all these changing trends caused Hyderabad to expand up to 30 kilometres in surrounding areas. Like that all surrounding villages transformed like cities with well established facilities. Unfortunately since six months this progressive trend gradually reversed and now almost reached to its low level. Especially after Corona pandemic the IT field experienced up and downs which has its great impact on real estate business. This is the main reason for fall of real estate business. At present even well established companies also facing very difficult situation to get projects. Ultimately this impact transferred to employees when companies resort to take steps to reduce their staff. Not able to sustain with this adverse trends some companies have closed down. At the same time change of government in Telangana also has its adverse impact on realtor business. During this ten years period some irregularities took place in this real estate field. Unprecedented growth is the main reason for this. Number of common people deceived from some fake real estate companies. This is also one among the key reasons for the down fall of real estate business.
Number of companies created like mushrooms and began to cheat the people. They have deceived the people with their colourful business words. In previous two years number of such companies shut down their doors after collecting money from innocent people. All these incidents made the people to think twice before purchasing a fixed property. Some realtors constructed apartment after purchasing a land which is in litigation. Then they sold out such flats to innocent people. Later people who purchased such flats began to face problems. Now the new government concentrated on such fraudulent activities occurred in real estate business. With this the existence of large companies itself fell in trouble. The uncertain future caused the real estate business to face down ward trend. At the same time the political trends in Andhra Pradesh also began to change. After bifurcation real estate business in Andhra state had experienced boom and even crossed the level of business in Telangana. Along with Amaravathi, the prices of lands and fixed properties in Vijayawada and Gutur had shown abnormal increase. In 2019 under the leadership of Chadrababu Telugudesam government lost its power and YSRCP under the leadership of Jagan came into power. New Chief Minister Jagan announced three capitals for Andhra state as part of decentralisation of administration. Everyone expected the golden period for real estate business. Unfortunately entire business collapsed at a time. Nobody expected this reverse trend.
The three capital proposal remains in standstill caused fall of prices of land, which led to total collapse of real estate business. Even in Amaravathi the land rates fell to abnormal level. The transactions relating to land purchasing in the state stopped. There might be some chances for realtor business if Polavaram project completed. That has not happened. Looking at this situation, Chandrababu once gave one important statement. ‘Previously the cost of ten acres of land in Telangana was equivalent to one acre land in Andhra. But now even if you sell hundred acres in Andhra you can’t get even one acre of land in Telangana’. With this the people in Andhra state began to rethink themselves and realised the loss caused by Jagan government. Now it seems the political trends in Andhra state gradually changing in favour of alliance parties (TDP+Janasena+BJP). With this hopes are rising in favour of real estate business. In Telangana present situation is not favour to this field. Even in Karnataka real estate field now facing up and downs. Since five years real estate in Amaravathi continued to be in suspended animation. Now the situation is looking like to turn in favour of this business. With the indications from experts, the real estate business people slowly stepping towards Andhra state. From this year onwards in Telangana it looks like the problems may cause for irrigation sector also. There are some chances for getting losses in this business which have not seen in previous ten years. Thinking like that real estate business people now getting ready to sell their lands in Telagana even with small profits and wants to invest this amount in Andhra state. Let us see what will happens?