Chandrababu rule again in Andhra Pradesh

·People ousted Jagan from power

·Cycle crossed the mark with a good majority

·Fans of Pawan Kalyan turned the table for ‘fan’.

·Finally Pawan achieved what he wanted

·Amaravathi regains its ray of light

·Moon again shines with full glare

·AP will flourish once again


Telugudesam Supreme Chandrababu Naidu again created history by regaining power. It is proper to say that he became a leader who rewrote history. He remains in history as a leader who experienced ups and downs in his political career. He has shown himself as a leader of determination. In the political history of Andhra Pradesh, he remained a leader who became Chief Minister four times and worked three times as an opposition leader. He remained as a guide for future generations to show ideal path. He not only played key role in divided Andhra Pradesh but also in National Politics also. Once again he got the chance to play a key role in National Politics. During the tenure of Atabihari Vajpayee government as NDA convener everybody knows well the key role played by Chandrababu. At one stage political parties proposed him as Prime Minister of India which gently rejected by him saying, state welfare is key for him. Such a great leader is Chandrababu. Suppose if any leader present in his place, might have accepted that proposal but Chandrababu expressed his satisfaction only in serving the Telugu people. As NDA chairman he controlled even BJP also. After advent of Narendra Modi the importance of Chandrababu gradually diminished and finally he relinquished the NDA Chairman post. Still he never bothered about that and faced up and downs for the sake of Telugu People. He faced lot of antagonism from Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy. Even after the division of united Andhra Pradesh Telugu people wanted his leadership. During 2019 elections when YSRCP requested the people to give it one chance, which made the people to convince to give it power. But Jagan failed to establish the confidence placed by the people on him. He mainly concentrated on harass Chandrababu and never hesitated to sent him to jail. This created flutter among Andhra people.

‘Again I will enter Assemby as Chief Minister’

In 1989 when NTR in opposition leader, then Congress party used to harass him and has shown its fingers on every issuer if it relevant or irrelevant. Fed up with the Congress attitude NTR vowed not to enter into Assembly till become Chief Minister. He kept his vow and again entered into Assembly threshold as Chief Minister. The same experience repeated in the case of Chandrababu. As Chief Minister Jagan used to dishonour Chandrababu on every occasion which made him to take vow not to enter into Assembly till become CM. Then he went into the masses and Lokesh conducted Padayatra which received with great response from the people. Looking into the positive response from the people, Jagan immediately resort to sent Chandrababu into jail. Vallabhaneni Vamshi like leaders who made derogative comments against Chandrababu created angry among the people. Even the comments made by Ambati Rambabu on Chandrababu also made the people to rethink about their decision to give power to Jagan. Kodali Nani like leaders made comments those caused only for their downfall. After splitting of united Andhra Pradesh Chandrababu continued his relentless hard work to develop Amaravathi as State Capital. Unfortunately Jagan avoided Amaravathi and spoiled Polavaram Project. With concentrating on vengeance politics Jagan totally neglected the development of Andhra Pradesh. At the same time Jagan bring forth the three capital cities theory greatly damaged the self respect of Andhra people. If Amravathi completed, the name and fame goes to Chandrababu. Thinking like this Jagan totally kept the Amaravathi issue in subconscious state. He stopped the development where it is essential. Announced Visakha as executive capital and Karnool as judiciary capital, tried to harm the existence of Amravathi.

Great victory to Telugudesam

This type of victory is never seen in the history of Telugudesam even in the period of NTR. Now YSRCP even lost its opposition status. The same situation faced by Congress when it lost power in the wave of Telugudesam under NTR. Then Congress got only 26 seats. Now YSRCP lost its identity by felling into lower level that never expected. This credit goes to Chandrababu only. In previous elections when Telugudesam got only 23 Assembly and three parliament seats. Jagan wanted to send Telugudesam into behind the screen and tried his level best in this direction. Now Jagan has only fifty percent of those seats got by TDP in previous elections. Now Jagan has no representation in Loksabha. This is known as ‘karma returns’. With the support of Janasena TDP created a wave like wildfire. Janasena elected in all seats that it contested. Really it is an achievement for Janasena. Pawan and his fans worked with united with great passion. ‘Give us power. We will show how the development will be’ is the slogan given by Pawan echoed in all directions of Andhra Pradesh. The call given by Pawan ‘by by jagan’ also received by people well. In 2014 BJP, Janasena and TDP contested the elections in united and won the majority. Later TDP distanced itself to Modi in the name of special status. Even Janasena also contested its own in 2019 elections. This made the Jagan to gain in those elections and facilitated him to attain power. Now these three parties get united and inflicted a severe blow on YSRCP. Jagan never expected such humiliation and remained into his house. Even KCR also has facing this same situation and confined to his house not willing to meet anybody. Jagan career totally dedicated to hate Chandrababu. This made the people to keep Jagan aside and said ‘by by jagan’.

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