Vultures are better than these people

· Thieves have been escaping

· If you are righteous why are you hiding?

· If not committed mistakes then prove it

· If you are not exploiting the cine workers, say it directly

· Crores of rupees swallowed showing wrong accounts

· Injustice caused to real workers

· Transgressing the rules plots planned.

· Exposed to working in favor of workers

· Finally workers faced severe loss

· For your luxuries utilise the ‘hard work’ of workers

· Do you want to live on the ‘sweat’ of the workers?

· Escaping is not the right way

· Punishment awaits those who committed mistakes

· With Telling ethics and digging pits one can’t become a gentleman

· Such people are not eligible to say about their helping nature

· Finally Chadalavada who helped also subjected to embracement

· The bank that gave the loan now fell into trouble

· Workers amounts already embezzled

· Still they are hungry for funds


The number of enthusiastic people mostly younger generation used to reach Hyderabad in order to make their dreams real. They want to exhibit their artistic talent to get settle in film industry. Unfortunately such innocent people don’t know the real face of this film industry. They are in belief that what showing in films is real and will get chances depending on their talent without facing any hurdles. With such opinion once upon a time the youth who have artistic talent used to visit Madras in search of their luck but now such arrivals shifted to Hyderabad. Without knowing that, film industry is an illusionary world and relies on cine actors and making themselves their lives to spoil. Unfortunately such innocent people think that present cine generation is very much genuine one. Such innocence causes them to fell in the trap of some cheaters and lose of their entire money whatever they have. Such cheaters always appear like gentlemen and used to squeeze the blood of workers. Cine field requires work force in different departments in the industry. So large number of workers is now eking their lives depending on this film industry. Some people want to appear on screen even for once in their life time and to fulfil their ambitions they continue to roam around the cine elders who are working in some key positions. Some people want to work in any department, relating to 24 crafts. They satisfy with the opportunity they got and continue to grow in their profession. Some among them will get opportunities occasionally but not in regular. Such people treat those opportunities as god’s gift and continue to work in dedicated manner. The labour of such people always been exploited by some personalities. Such exploiters always shine and appear like gentlemen. Those exploited remain like lustreless in continue to struggle their lives. Such workers who are looking for plots still continue in hope of fulfilling their dream of own house. Unfortunately the people those who are not related to cine industry are now have their plots in Chitrapuri Colony. How this has happen nobody knows! Here lies the illusionary world which mesmerises everybody that filled with gentlemen like people. They always used to say ethics in sweet voices and in practical they continue to live totally different to that of their sayings outside. This trend is continuing since two decades. Nobody bothers them and willing to keep any eye on such people. If anybody raises his voice against what has happening, nobody will give any value to them. Nobody come forward to stand in support of such people. Ruling party leaders always reluctant to see what has been happening in this colony. The problems never reach to those real cine elders. Those who are disguising themselves as gentlemen are indulging such corrupt practices. So nobody has dared enough to question them. In these circumstances the plight of workers remain continue without getting any solution.

When shifted no problems raised

When cine industry shifted from Madras cine heroes, high technicians never felt any difficulty. Being their earnings are higher, they remain enjoyed all types of comforts. An average cine worker remains in problems. Looking at the plight of cine workers then actor Prabhakar Reddy thought that with providing housing facilities to the workers, cine field will get settled here. Then he met the state political leaders and started his efforts for allocating land from government side. With his initiation then Government coalesce with Prabhakar Reddy and allocated 63 acres of land for this purpose. Then cine workers cooperative society formed. There was a rule that this society shall contain 4800 members. Like that Chitrapuri made its beginning. Then some environment supporters went to court challenging the decision of the government. This case had run in court for ten years and finally verdict came in favour of workers. Unfortunately in the later period this Chitrapuri society filled by some fraudulent people who made this as their ATM. Since then they began to accumulate wealth in the name of Chitrapuri and finally transformed it like ‘lean cow’. Now if any cine worker wants to purchase land it become highly impossible for him because of prevailing exorbitant rates. Those who fought in favour of workers lost their place here. Everybody knows well, who is the main cause for this precarious situation for cine workers. But everybody reluctant to raise their voice against this injustice caused to workers. Fortunately in recent period Government kept its eye on this land and judiciary system also turned in favour of workers. With this law activated and filed cases against 21 persons who has key role in fraudulent activities in the name of society. Out of these people only Society Chairman being arrested by the police and remaining persons still yet to face arrest. All these people are moving in open and police are not going forward to arrest them because all of them are influential people. Here one question arises. Is it enough by simply arresting one person? What about the remaining people who use to continue their grandeur life. They are not only deceived the workers but also the government. They have cheated the bank and even deluded ex. MLA and producer Chadalavada Srinivasarao who came forward to help the workers.

SBI came forward to give Rs.100crore as loan

When workers were unable to purchase the land, SBI came forward to sanction Rs.100crore as loan for them. In this process it gave Rs.50crore as loan in its first instalment. Unfortunately Chitrapuri Society used this money for their enjoyment. With this Bank stopped its second instalment loan. At the same time society collected lakhs of rupees from the workers. For any construction 10% amount is being collected. This is usual practice. But society collected 25% amount from the workers. Unfortunately society allocated plots against the rules. As per these rules plots shall not exceed four thousand members. But society took 9000 above memberships. Amount also collected from such members also. Like that society accumulated lot of money and deceived the workers. At the same time it allocated plots to those people who are not concern to film industry.

Ex. MLA and producer came forward to help the workers. In the name of houses to workers, society took crores of rupees from him as loan. How Chadalavada gave loans by keeping such lands in mortgage? Doesn’t he know that loans can’t be given in the name of such lands? Now he also made implicated in this issue. Now non boilable cases registered against Chitrapuri society members. They can’t escape from the arrests. The curse of the workers never goes in vain!

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