A comparative study: NTR and KCR


· Then Chandrababu Naidu now Harish Rao

·1989: NTR said people committed a mistake by defeating him

·2023: KCR said people defeated him with much more hopes

·1989-1999: Chandrababu protected TDP

·Now Harish is giving life to BRS

·After the 1989 defeat NTR didn’t come out

·He never attends the Assembly

·‘I can’t bear the humiliation in Assembly’, NTR

·Then Chandrababu stood against the ruling party in the Assembly as deputy leader

·Chancrababu as General Secretary protected the party

·Now Harish Rao has been struggling to put BRS on track

·Now KCR is also not willing to come out

·He didn’t meet the people while he was in power

·Then Chandrababu was the main reason for bringing TDP into power

·Now Harish Rao is only capable enough to put BRS on track


NTR and KCR resemble some political characteristics. Cine idol NTR entered into politics and created a record, rewriting the history of Andhra Pradesh. After coming to power within a short period he faced ups and downs. Even though re-elected in 1985 unexpectedly he distanced away from people. But he didn’t lose his interest in films. So he produced a film ‘Brahmarshi Viswamitra’. He greatly neglected the administration indulging in film shooting. At that time egotism left him overconfidence that people were in favor of him, because of the implementation of welfare schemes. This attitude not liked by people and in 1989 elections NTR faced defeat that he never expected. Reacting to this downfall, NTR said that peoples have committed mistake by defeating his party in the elections. KCR political rise story also exactly resembles the NTR political life. As leader of separate state movement people kept KCR in their hearts. With the implementation of welfare schemes they made TRS party to come into power. They gave power to KCR for two times. Unfortunately in confined himself to Pragathi Bhavan and greatly neglected the people. This caused to create dissatisfaction among people against him and in 2023 Assembly elections they bring down from power by voting against BRS party. The shock given by the people didn’t bring any change in the attitude of KCR. He never gave any statement that he will come into the people. Like that six months period gone but there was no change in the attitude of KCR regarding to Telangana. During Parliament elections he travelled on bus tour for twenty days. He made statements that people defeated him with their greediness. His statements reflected the meaning that he is not respecting the mandatory of the people. During 1989 NTR attended Assembly in less frequent and faced severe criticism from the ruling party. They began to aggravate NTR with their comments. With this NTR stopped attending Assembly sessions. At that time Chandrabau totally looked after the party affairs as well as resisted the criticisms by the ruling party leaders. Chandrababu toured around the united Andhra Pradesh and tried to strengthen the party. At the time of elections NTR led the ‘liquor ban agitation’ started by ‘Eenadu’ daily and toured around the state. Then Chandrababu used to prepare the programmes and monitored entire party operations with relentless manner. Now this same situation is being appeared in BRS party. Even during Telangana movement, Harish Rao only the leader who took all the responsibilities regarding to running the agitation. During party rule he faced some up and downs in the party but he adjusted himself as per the situation. Now the time came for Harish to put his efforts to keep the party in right track. Anybody may accept or not accept KCR never comes out in the coming five years. Then total responsibility to build the party lies on Harish Rao. Any leader, how much he may be charismatic, when he distanced away from people than automatically defeat knocks the door. Even now KCR must know the fact that remaining in people only the way for him to get into power. Win or defeat is not important how much time a leader used to spend among the people is the key point. KCR knows well this fact but unfortunately egotism prevents him from going into the masses.

Negative opinion caused for his downfall

During his tenure KCR always had shown interest on adoration words of leaders he felt trusted. He didn’t find the fact that such people number is very less. This attitude of KCR totally drowned the party which now reached to ground level. Once upon a time KCR used to spent his more time with the masses. Then why he distanced away from the people? Answer for this question is Santosh! Not only entire Telangana, relatives of KCR, BRS leaders and officials shows their fingers towards Santosh. Even now the reason behind for KCR not coming out is Santosh! Here one thing we have to think in deep. Telangana people thought that ‘we don’t need of KCR who totally rely on Santosh’. Not only now, KCR never wants to mingle with people. He wants that whatever directions given by him shall be implemented. If we observe the Telangana movement, KCR never came out except at the time of elections. In recent Chief Minister Revanth Reddy also revealed this fact. In the eye of KCR elections are nothing but gambling. He wants elections to be held in always. Immediately after elections he automatically distance away from the people. Really speaking this attitude of KCR continued since decades but people in those days wanted his leadership but now entire situation turned in reverse.

New generation entered

When compared to previous time entire necessities of the state totally changed. Two decades back Telangana badly in the need of water facility that required for the sustenance of farmers. Always talked about the farmers KCR encouraged real estate after coming into power. With this farmers began to sell their fertile lands looking at the sky rocketing prices of lands. The amount temporarily gained by them by selling their lands made farmers to felt very happy. Now a farmer is facing lot of trouble to purchase one acre of land. Really speaking land belongs to everybody. That shall be available to all people. When land prices raises common man could not sustain. Only depending on farming he can’t survive. After coming into power KCR confined himself to either Pragathi Bhavan or farm house. With this distance increased between KCR and people. The relation of ‘agitation’ remains cut off and people gave chance to Congress. Immediately after Congress coming to power, KCR began to criticise that the life of Telangana fell in danger. People very much understood the hypocrisy of KCR. They didn’t give single seat to BRS in Parliament elections. What is the use of now saying that if his party won ten seats he will be able to play key politics at Centre? Now it is needed to understand some points about Chandrababu.

Chandrababu has leadership qualities

Win or defeat in either case Chandrabau remained with people. He never confined to his house. Since 1995 he used to spend his lot of time with the people of the state. When he faced defeat in 2004 he never sit idle in his house. He always tried to move into the masses. Even in 2009 when he again faced defeat, he didn’t devoid of enthusiasm. He didn’t relinquish the politics. He never criticised the people. He started his padayatra. After the division of united Andhra Pradesh he became the Chief Minister. Then he totally concentrated on the development of Amaravathi, inviting investments, Polavaram project like issues. He treated every Monday as ‘Polavaram Day’. On that he used to visit Polavaram or conducted review meetings. Such dedicated leader is required for the development of the state. When Chandrababu remain in public, KCR ridiculed it as publicity stunt. Now What KCR could say on his defeat. Chandrababu never maintained coterie. He never hesitated to keep Harikrishna in distance. Chandrababu also kept Daggupati Venkateswar Rao in distance. When come to KCR, his behaviour is totally different. He always tried to keep his family members along with him and never heed the aspirations of the people. That is the main difference between these two leaders. With his right behaviour Chandrababu created history even at this old age. Chandrababu never rely on any other person. He only relies on himself and tried to protect the party. He developed strong party machinery that can stood support for the party. This is the main reason behind the victory of TDP.

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