Here he is king…there he remains kingmaker

· Candrababu dual role

· Victory always bows its head to a real warrior

· Defeat never reaches near a brave man

· Experience gained him victory

· Proud engulfed Jagan

· Hurriedness kicked him back

· Unstable mentality caused to sink

· Harassments reversed

· Five years he has never gone into the people

· Jagan never tried to meet people

· Instead Chandrababu continued to mingle with people

· He always struggled for the people’s welfare

· Now Chandrababu has proved himself a people leader

· He continued his relentless struggle for the sake of the Telugu people

· He never cared when sent to jail

· Never stopped his journey for people

Speaking luck is fully favored by Chandrababu. Even in this age he made a whirlwind tour in Andhra Pradesh and created a Political tsunami. In politics win and loss are very common but some victories create history. Such triumph exposes the real statesmanship of a leader. Generally everybody thinks about the normal success of any leader but never expect the unexpected victory which arrives like tsunami. From the beginning Telugudesam continue to create history by breaking its own records. Among such victories this can be said as unique one that even not expected by the party itself. This victory impact is such that, YSRCP is unable to get even opposition status in Assembly. Such type of epoch making victories was possible for only Telugudesam in two previous occasions. In1994 elections also Telugudesam victory engulfed all other parties in the wave it created. Then Congress party got only 26 seats in United Andhrapradesh which caused it to even lose its opposition status in the Assembly. Now Jagan also has been facing the same fate. In his forty years of political career Chandrababu always remained as a leader unopposed and played his politics in dominant manner. He always looked the win and loss in equal manner. Win never made him over joy and loss never created agony in him. In his political career Chandrababu never indulged in vindictive actions. If Chandrababu is such a politician, it might not possible for Jagan to do his ‘padayatra’. After coming to power Jagan forgot all these things and resort to harassments on Chandrababu. In doing so, he never gave respect to Chandrababu for his forty years of political experience. Chandrababu patiently faced them during the time when it was not favour to him. In the hope of good days in future, Chandrababu had shown patience that may not possible for others. Even Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy did not subjected Chandrababu in such harassments like Jagan inflicted. Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy always tried to damage the self confidence of Chandrababu.

At one time Y.S.R. vowed to create trouble those will make, ‘Chandrababu to lament for his birth’. Like that YSR threatened Chandrababu. Still he never went on back foot from the politics. He stood against his political opponents and fought every election without losing his self confidence. Every time he had shown his ability to fight. With his political ‘Chanikya’ principle moved forwards without caring anybody. Now he created a new history. He has excellent talent in estimating the future happening. Every expectation may not get success but cause to receive more number of victories. This has become true in the political life of Chandrababu. After division of United Andhra Pradesh, during 2014 elections Chandrababu made alliance with Pawan Kalyan and BJP and emerged victorious in those elections. Even people also wanted experienced leader in such precarious situation and voted in favour of Chandrababu. In this five year tenure he relentlessly worked hard for the sake of Andra Pradesh. He resorted to built Amaravathi a new state capital. Assembly and secretariat buildings constructions completed. He laid foundation stone for the capital city Amaravathi. Unfortunately BJP forgotten its election promises and showed its reluctance towards Amaravathi. It also kept aside the special status. It never had shown any interest on Polavaram. All these things made the people to turn against BJP. During 2019 elections alliance parties split and fought individually. At that time Jagan requested the people to give him a chance. He also made ‘padayatra’ and created hopes among people. Rely on his words people voted him to power. After coming to power Jagan bring forth the issue of three capital cities. He supported his argument by giving examples of countries in the world those have two or three capital cities. Finally Andhrapradesh remained without a specific capital. Jagan spoiled the Amaravathi and continued his rule without capital city. Even after five years he was in confidence to rule the state. He never expected that Chandrababu revival will be like tsunami. His coterie members also kept him in dark without revealing the fact that prevailing in the state. So Jagan remain in the illusion that he will continue in the power after elections. At this time Chandrababu studied the National politics and came to one conclusion that Congress has no chances to gain power.

Chandrababu is such a leader who knows well, where to bow head and where to rise? He finally came to one conclusion that for the sake of Telugu people it is better to have an alliance with BJP at National level. All most all political leaders of this party expressed their reluctance to make alliance with BJP and even suggested him to go along with Congress. With his perfect perception on National level he decided to move forward with BJP by making alliance with it. He never lost his enthusiasm, when BJP top leadership expressed its reluctance to give him appointment. Finally he got success in making alliance with it giving the number of seats it wanted. When Narendrabmodi did not raise the point of alliance with TDP, Chandrababu did not take it serious. Then his only aim was to achieve the power. Finally he achieved the victory that created heavy political storm not only in the state but also at National level.

At the time of Jagan in power, Chandrababu took the vow to enter the Assembly when he becomes Chief Minister. Immediately he went into the people. He continued to attack rule of Jagan and moved forwards along with Janasena. He gave the shape to the thoughts of Andhra Pradesh people and assured to implement them immediately after coming to power. People have total confidence on Chandrababu in building Amaravathi as Capital city. They also expressed their hope that Polavaram will be completed only under the leadership of Chandrababu. Without Chandrababu state remains like an orphan, is the strong opinion of the people. In previous elections people gave excellent opportunity to Jagan by giving him thumping majority. Now these same people have thrown Jagan in trash not even giving the seats those required to have opposition status in the Assembly. That is the power of the people. If want, they can rise any leader with their voting power in silent manner. When they turn against, the result will be disastrous for any leader or political party. They have the capacity to jeopardise the future of any leader who think himself as strong!

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