Who will become BJP chief in Telangana State?


• Who can fill the place of Bandi Sanjay

• Now Etela Rajendra’s Name has come to the forefront

• Can Aravindkumar succeed in his silent efforts?

• Raghunandan Rao also ready to take charge

• All of a sudden Ramachandra Rao’s name came into the limelight

• D.K. Aruna is also in the fray

• Who can stop Etela?

• Will Bandi extend support to Etela?

• There are no good relations between Bandi and Raghunandan Rao

• Etela and Kishan Reddy may not be consistent with each other

• Can Aravind get the chance?

• Is there any leader who is acceptable to all?

• Who can successfully attack the government?

• Can Etela’s war of words move Revanth’s government?

• How useful can Raghunandan Rao’s oration be?

• Can Etela be capable enough to attack Congress and BRS?

• Who has enough skill to use innuendo words?

It is very common in any National Party, when ever State Unit President changed there will be continues discussions on successor. It is wonder that in Telangana BJP now wide range of discussions are going on the successor of Bandi Sanjay! By looking at this situation, you may fell in surprise because it remains a unique condition prevailing in this state. If one keenly observes this, you can easily understand the impact created by Bandi Sanjay on party development in this state. Before to Bandi Sanjay number of leaders led the party in the state but none of them had created any impact like Bandi Sanjay. This is the fact that can be acceptable. In previous BJP always continued its existence by making alliances with other parties but now entire situation changed. Now BJP is in such a strong enough position to command any alliance with other parties. The credit goes to Bandi Sanjay for bringing the party to this stage. Now BJP National leadership is thinking to appoint a new President for Telangana. In this back ground it is natural that everybody to think that new leader shall be in a position to make party much stronger than Bandi Sanjay did. At present Kishan Reddy continuing in two posts, one is Central Minister and party State Unite President is other. One and half year back Bandi Sanjay remain as party president and everybody thought that he will continue in this post till Assembly Elections but the party leadership removed him from this post showing the cause of end of tenure. Then Party high command made Kishan Reddy as State Party Chief. Unfortunately under his leadership entire party collapsed and reached to bottom level. Till then under the leadership of Bandi Sanjay party had grown to a stage that it had looked upon alternative for BRS. That is the credibility of Bandi who driven the party to this level. He became success in creating belief in every body that BJP will definitely attain the goal of reaching power in the state. He had done his ‘padayatra’ which received good response from the masses. No other BJP leader has organised such ‘padayatra’ in previous occasions. After Bandi Sanjay, the present Chief Minister Revanth Reddy began his ‘padayatra’ which facilitated Congress to attain power. Even present Deputy Chief Minister Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka also made his padayatra after the above the two leaders. Like that Bandi Sanjay became the first leader to organise Padayatra in Telangana.

At present suspense is being continued in BJP regarding new boss for the party in Telangana. The new leader must have the qualities like skilful speaker, capability to attract all sections of the people and who can mingle with the masses to run the party most dynamic mode. Finally he must capable enough to raise the strength of the party in the state to ten times more than what it is now. The leader must be skilful enough to speak in ‘Telangana dialect’ and make his arguments in acceptable manner to people. He must always be in alert to attack on Congress Government and simultaneously on BRS. For this purpose he must possess thorough knowledge on the regions of Telagnana and problems prevailing in those areas. He must wise enough to know what really people want and raise his voice in favour of them. He must also have knowledge on lands in Telangana and be able to speak on the issues of farmers. The leader who always continues to sit in AC rooms and develop his own formulations is not required for present Telangana. A leader always be remain with people and if require he must prepare himself to start ‘padayatra’ again. He must be able to convince the people and prepare them to give the party a chance in the state. He must have well understanding on loans and income of the state. After conducting study on financial situation in the state, must have clear cut idea on what to do for bringing the party into power. At one side being continue his good relations with party cadre at field level, on the other side he must be skilful enough to prepare strategies to strengthen the party at all levels. This can be achieved only after having time to time discussions with party workers and leaders at different levels with his leadership qualities. There prevails an opinion among party cadre that these abilities are being possessed only by Etela Rajendar. At the same time pervasion of different opinions on Etela Rajedar candidature have also seen in the party. It is said that Bandi Sanjay may strongly oppose Etela Rajendar to become party president.

What is the reason behind the antagonism of Bandi Sanjay against Etela Rajendar? There are some allegations that, Etela had key role in extricating Bandi Sanjay from the post of Party President when party was in full swing to reach strong position in the state. After removing Bandi Sanjay party high command appointed Kishan Reddy as party chief in the state. Then Bandi commented that, ‘let him do his work properly’, which intended towards Etela Rajendar. Nobody is expecting that Bandi Sanjay who is in Central minister can accept Etela Rajendar as party president in Telangana. There are rumours that on Monday Bandi Sanjay along with Etela Rajendar met Amit Shah in Delhi. It is said that this is only to show that there are no differences between Bandi and Etela. It is very clear that Etela won’t get cooperation from Bandi Sanjay. At the same time there are no cordial relations between Bandi and Raghunandan Rao. During Padayatra, Raghunandan Rao alleged that there was no information to him regarding to padayatra of Bandi. In fact before selecting Bandi Sanjay as BJP state chief, Raghunandan Rao name was considered by the BJP high command. With nobody expectation Bandi Sanjay name came to limelight and he became the party chief. Now an opportunity came for Raghunandan Rao to become state party chief. Really speaking Raghunandan Rao is skilled speaker. His spontaneous response always fixes his opponents. At present such leader is require for the party.

Etela Rajendar is good orator but his speeches won’t attract the youth. Whereas the words uttered by Raghunandan Rao are direct in nature. Etela Rajender being participated in Telangana movement, his words are not in direct or harsh in nature but they are in smooth fashion. This characteristic nature of Etela can’t compete with war of words of Revanth. Raghunandan Rao can be able to attack on targeted manner. He has the ability to flay on BRS leaders. Another leader Aravind belong to Nizamabad also has this same talent but he can be said as smooth going leader. Whenever occasion arises he attacks his opponents in aggressive manner. Even Bandi Sanjay did not exhibit any aggressiveness during his tenure. Mahabubabad leader D.K. Aruna is also good speaker. She can attack with her war of words either Congress or BRS in ruthless manner. It is very difficult for her to strengthen the party at field level with intensively touring the state. Ranghunandan and Aravind are capable enough to make tours in field levels. Mainly speaking these three contenders are in the fray for this post. Unfortunately none of them are favour to Bandi Sanjay. We have to look for BJP high command’s opinion turn to whose favour. Actually Raja Singh is senior most to all these leaders but his name is not being in limelight because of his aggressive behaviour sometimes left the party in trouble. In BJP the tenure of party president is three years. There is no chance to extend it for five years. We have to wait and see for the decision of BJP National leadership on this crucial post.

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