These are not ‘babas’ cheaters!

·Wrong doing of some ‘babas’ under the cover of spirituality

·Crazy people run towards ‘new’ babas!

·Scrambles for the dust of their feet

·Eagerly wait for the ash of cigarettes of babas

·Pretending as spiritualists unethical doings

·In the name of healing, can babas touch the body parts?

·Is it possible for getting pregnancy when babas walks on the bodies of women?

·The remaining of what baba eaten is treating of ‘prasadam’!

·Anarchy in the name of spirituality

·Some of them indulging rape on women

·In the name of messenger of god, indulging in wicked acts

·In the name of god appearance cheating the people

·Even some leaders also fell in the trap of these wicked babas

·All the people shows their eagerness for the blessing of babas

·Magic tricks caused them to transform into followers

·Nobody is willing to work hard and wants easy money

·People are reluctant to relinquish their Prejudice 

·This weakness became capital for babas

·In the name of god installing ‘hundis’to collect monery


Some people who pretend themselves as babas always used to say something which is not real in nature but focussed to attract people who can be easily fell in their trap. Not all fell in this category but some babas among them with their charismatic and skilful oration power are able to create themselves as centre of attraction. The real spiritualists always try to raise the spiritual spirit along with humanitarian attitude among the people with their inspiring speeches. The duplicate babas always try to find out new ways to deceive the people. These are not confined to one religion but present all religions. The weakness of the people is only their investment. They used to make the people to spend more amounts in the name rituals to perform. The weakness of the poor is their poverty. They always want to find shortcut ways to become rich and immediate relief from their existing troubles. Not only poor but also middle class, upper middle class people always struggle to get rid of their troubles. This weakness of the people is being en-cashed by duplicate babas those enters into their life as solution givers. For this purpose depending on the level of debility of the persons those approach them, these duplicate babas tries to squeeze money from them and finally leaving them on roads. Every step of such babas involves with high cost. In the name of blessings and darshan they used to collect huge amounts from the people and enjoy grandeur life. At the same time they are being worshiped by the people. Really speaking those to render relentless service to the society are eligible for such type worshiping but these duplicate babas are enjoying such reverence from the people.

We never pay our salutations to a doctor when happens to pass by on our way but when we encounter with a person who wear saffron dress automatically we bow our head with great reverence towards him. When the innocence of the people reached to peak stage they never hesitate to take the dust particles of the foot of a baba they have great devotion. If the blessings of a baba shower the enormous wealth in the house of their follower, then our country might have totally filled with rich people. Is this really happening? Well knowing the weakness of the people, now ‘women babas’ also entered into this field considering it as profitable one. One women baba, used to smoke cigarettes in between her thousands of followers. All those who present there run for colleting the ash that produced from those cigarettes. How astonishing is this? Such incidents make us to fell in dilemma whether to show sympathy against such people innocence or to give punishment. Smoking cigarette is injurious to health and causes cancer. This is well known fact. The cigarette manufacturing companies and doctors are every time saying this to make enlighten the people. Those who treat themselves as spiritualists shall discourage such activities like cigarette smoking. Instead, smoking the cigarettes in front of large number of people who follow their speeches, sent what type of signal to them? Is it real that the cigarette ash that kept on your forehead relieves from the problems? What is the logic behind this belief? Even police also use to give protection to such babas! Where our system is going on? After crossing certain age a father won’t touch his daughter except on the occasions of giving his blessings. These babas in the name of solving the problems used to touch freely all those women who visit them to get remedy. When we come across some uncommon things those may fell us in utter confusion. In one temple when all those women lie down on the floor, the baba whom they have belief, used to walk on their bodies. Here the women fell in total belief that such walk by baba will bless them with children! Really this prejudice creates total astonishment. When we come across the other incident, the people used to fight for the remaining of the food that eaten by a baba whom they believe. Is such eating really gets them rid of their problems? It is very common that the members of a family don’t like to share the food that defiled by touching once mouth. Such duplicate babas have been accumulating hundreds of acres of land and enormous wealth and leading a comfortable life. There is no use for the society from such duplicate babas. Unfortunately most of the people are running behind them in the hope of better future that never happens. Really speaking such swamijis are nothing but suffering with some mental disorders. If god appears in the dream of a person, which type of boon he ask? ‘O god get rid of me from the difficulties or give me moksha’ like boons are generally being asked. In some situations a person may pray god to send to heaven. Instead of wanting all such boons, how it become relevant to become a swamyji?

Birth and death are very common for every living being. Generally a wise person involves in all good actions and wants to reach heaven with the help of virtue accumulated during his life time. Instead of choosing the path lead to self growth, how it is possible to become a baba? Here the fact behind this is, such fraudulent people never experienced the things what they expose in open. If their saying is true they never become baba! Whatever they are showing to the people is just magic not supernatural powers. With such type of showings duplicate babas making their life comfortable and leaving the people to remain with their innocence. Creating ‘Shiva lingams’, ‘ash’ like techniques are nothing but part in part of magic. People with their innocence are blindly following them.

The main weakness of the people is, not believing on the importance of time. They never want to earn money with their hard work. They simply attract towards easy earning of money and want to become richest man in one night! This weakness making them to fell as prey of duplicate babas, those ruin them and left over on the roads. Here one fact we must keep in mind. To get rid of this problem people must relinquish the desire to get easy money and learn to go for hard work and earn money. If such attitude develops in the people then automatically duplicate babas disappears from our society.

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