The attitude of parties embracing the workers


• Real workers facing troubles

• They are becoming scapegoats in high command politics

• They are losing their self respect and integrity

• The new trend in democracy creating problems

• Democracy moving towards direction less politics

• Party workers turning towards ‘smart’ politics

Democracy is nothing but the participation of people. Unfortunately when observed the National and State politics the ‘definition’ and meaning of Democracy is totally changing. Workers belong to various parties losing their self respect and integrity in present ‘career’ and ‘power’ oriented politics. There is no place for new water in these politics, only ‘old wine’ is being changed into ‘different bottles’. In this back ground this story on the position of field level workers.
The place of traditional ‘Ideology’ based statecraft now being occupied by ‘career’ and ‘power’ based opportunistic politics and new political trends are moving swiftly in this way. If it is healthy or un-healthy can’t say at this juncture, but the political parties running their politics solely depending on whom they consider winning candidates is fact in present scenario. This political drama may be gainful for some reasons and may cause loss on some occasions and the share of these two, changes according to the situation. The party workers remain the real losers for this time to time changing scenario. In this current political situation, BJP, Congress, BRS and other parties changed their trends in their political strategies. This new attitude of these parties has been putting pressure and causing negative impact on the field level workers and second level leaders of these parties, who still have been continuing in those parties since long time. The main cause for this because of the attitude of political parties those changed their trends from ideological politics to welfare oriented politics. In the name of welfare they resort to announce free bees to people for their political gain and retain their power. This trend has been leading the parties to attract powerful leaders into the party fold to gain enough strength to win the elections which may lead them to attain authority. At the same this trend also paved way to run ‘career oriented politics’ by political leaders of various parties. In this changing scenario, indiscriminate ‘free bees’ announced, occupied the place of ‘ideology’. The political parties began to give chances to those leaders belong to the communities who have strong voter base. In order to gain influence in such communities, political parties began to announce ‘free bees’ applicable to them.

In these time to time changing treads, real losers we can say are field level workers. The party cadre at field level and second level leaders have been experiencing hardships in promoting the party policies in their respective constituencies, because of the opportunistic politics played by high commands of various parties for temporary gain of power. As the elections become nearer the selection of candidates become like ‘IPL auction’! Those leaders of no guarantee of getting ticket begins to look towards the thresholds of other parties and those parties looking for strong candidates resort to attract such leaders from other parties become very common in these days. This caused the party workers to remain in confusion state to assess the time of stay of such leaders in their party. Really it became paradox for party workers to campaign in favour of their party candidate because in previous elections, they might have campaigned against such leader who stood in fray as a candidate of other party. Now how can they go to the people asking them to give their vote in favour of such leaders whom they campaigned against in previous elections? Suppose a leader belongs to BRS party who contested the elections in previous elections, due to the cause of not getting ticket, if stand in election fray on another party like Congress or BJP what is the position of party workers who worked against him in previous? Like that in the ‘snake and ladder’ play of parities, creating lot of confusion among the party works and causing embarrassment for them.

BRS says ‘we brought Telangana’, Congress says ‘we gave Telangana’ and BJP says ‘without our support how it is possible to get separate state?’ Seeming these three arguments are correct. Now leader’s transformation has been occurring in between these three parties. The career politics of leaders and power politics of parties are the main cause of this embarrassing situation. This lead confusion among party workers who fell in dilemma on continues their campaign on whose favour? For their surprise party workers in some conditions have compelled to campaign in favour of those leaders whom they opposed in previous elections. In the same manner they have compelled to campaign against those candidates whom they worked in favour of them in previous. Really speaking this is damaging the self respect and integrity of party workers. Skeleton gives strength and posture of the body of human beings, steel gives strength to buildings. Like that field level cadre create strong base for any party. They are the life line of the party. When parties run their politics on ideological basis, there were less number of party changing’s but when the career orient politics began these party changing’s became much frequent and there is no guarantee that how much time a leader may remain in a party! In these circumstances party workers compelled to change their way of running politics. Now everywhere ‘smart’ politics are appearing. In some places where the party cadre remain cling to its party are not accepting the authority of new leaders and his followers who newly joined which leads to conflicts among them. Those newly joined in a party don’t hesitate to exercise their authority with the support of their leader and high command on the old cadre in that party.
The high commands of all parties know well about this situation. Unfortunately they remain silent due to the power politics they played. For that they compelled invite strong leader into the party fold. Such leader along with his followers brings victory to the party. Then what is the need of cadre for a party? Only strong leader’s support is enough! In this present scenario nobody is against anybody. All are actors and playing their assigned role. That’s all! Here all the bottles are old and wine is also old but only thing that happens is time to time the wine and bottles gets changed! So the cadre felt that there is no other way for them to play ‘smart’ politics instead. Otherwise they may fell victim for the ‘snake bite’ in the politics. Now the definition for a ‘worker’ gradually being changed. The existence of Democracy and its direction has been changing constantly. Only time will decide if it is good or bad.

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