Exciting Launch of ‘Silk Saree ‘ Movie Starring Vasudev! The much-anticipated film Silk Saree,

directed by T Nagendar and produced by Kamalesh Kumar under the Chahat productions banner, has unveiled its first look poster and teaser. Vasudev Rao, known for his role in popular web series, takes on the lead alongside actresses Reva Chaudhary and Preeti Goswami.Renowned producer Rajakandukuri has released the captivating first look poster, praising the grandiose title and expressing high expectations for the director’s work. The teaser has received positive feedback, generating anticipation for a successful production that will resonate with audiences. Vasudev Rao commends director Nagendar for crafting a compelling narrative, while producer Kamlesh Kumar’s commitment to quality shines through in every aspect of the film. With an engaging storyline and powerful performances from a talented cast including Omkar Nath Srisailam and Kotesh Manav, Silk Saree is poised to captivate viewers with its blend of drama and intrigue. Stay tuned for this cinematic gem brought to you by Chahat Productions, music by Varikuppala Yadagiri and cinematography by Sanaka Rajasekhar  

Movie name : silk saree
Banner : Chahat productions
Cast : Vasudev rao , reeva chaudary , Preeti goswami , kotesh manav, Omkarnath
Cinematography : sanaka Rajasekhar
Music : varikuppala yadagiri
Pro : sripal cholleti
Producer : Kamlesh kumar ,Rahul Agarwal ,harish Chandak
Director : T nagendar

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