Electing the new society is solution in Chitrapuri episode -3


Trouble makers in Chitrapuri

They are more cheaters than plunderers


They are playing with the lives of workers

They have trying to kept the lives of workers in stake

The deceiving has been continued for three decades

Every time they are plundering the workers

They are constantly lying on new memberships

Plots allocated to ineligible people

They are earning crores of rupees.

They are not bothering about raising antagonism in cine field.

They are doing business in the land given by the Government

Government shall involve to make correct the situation

Otherwise own house dream never become true for workers

Already number of workers died

Chitrapuri ‘elders’ became like vultures


News coming out about those who became popular as elders in the cine field now transformed into trouble makers and using chitrapuri for their own benefits. How king Harishandra drowned in troubles after taking the loan in unavoidable circumstances now the cine workers who took loans are also facing the same fate. They felt after formation of unions may facilitate to get plots that leads to fulfil the dream to have an own house. Unfortunately their journey in this route took twists and turns and finally in the form of society they have been subjected to pillage is the present tragic history of chitrapuri. This society became like ATM for such society ‘elders’ and now cine workers are unable to question such people for their unethical activities. In ancient days how king Harischndra faced troubles to repay his loan, now the cine workers are also in same situation regarding to their plots because their dilemma on this issue has still being continued. Cine workers still on confusion about the allotment of plots and own a house. So called elders time to time cooking a new story and keeping the workers continue to remain in hope. Who have own houses? Who have collected lakhs of rupees in the form of instalments and misappropriated them without allocating plots? For which rate they have sold out the plots to some people? Such details never are known to anybody. If anybody tries to ask about such accounts, they will show them which will makes you in utter confusion without understanding single thing. Netidhatri since some time have been continuously trying to expose the facts behind the chitrapuri episode. These stories caused to enlighten the workers who are in dark, now began to question the facts behind the allocation of plots. Some so called elders wants turn these events in favour of them which really showing their hypocrisy. 

With the efforts of Netidhatri, workers began to move forward in this issue, making the elders to feel happy because it will paves way to collect some more funds for further new constructions. In this situation workers shall not show any hurry in their movements. They must be very careful in every step putting forward. Now those ‘elders’ in Chitrapuri began their campaign through broachers, describing how to beautify Chitrapuri with new constructions. There is no reality in this campaign and only the act of deceiving you once again. Now it the responsibility lies on you to know how much land allocated by the Government and how much area of land donated by cine actor Prabhakar Reddy. Knowing about this fact is essential for you, on which since forty years the so called ‘elders’ continue to mislead all of you. Once Chiranjeevi for his political gain acted like allocating plots to some workers. With this only some workers gained benefit. That too those who have blessings of Chitrapuri elders were able to get those plots. Don’t make deceive yourself by looking outside happenings. There lies widespread illusive world in this Chitrapuri. There always people hide behind to plunder your hard earned money.

Everybody knows that present Chitrapuri Society President elected in violating the rules and regulations. It is said that those workers who rouse this point were subjected to beaten calling them to society office. Why other workers are not responding on this issue? There is popular notion that workers are in fear to raise this issue. Society elders on previous occasion had beaten one woman who questioned them and fell in troubles for their act. Now she has been continuing her fight in the Court of Law. Most of the workers don’t know about such news because they won’t allow it to expose. In some occasions even some workers paid their instalments in total, showing the cause of paying late of one or two instalments, society people delayed the registration of plots to them. Some among those victims still have fighting in the Court of Law against the society. All such things shall be known to all workers. On some occasions one single plot registered in the name of two or three workers. So you must be careful against such happenings. At first they tell sweet words and takes 30% in advance. If payment of instalment delayed in one or two occasions, they kept you aside without any hesitation. Not knowing this attitude you continue to pay your other instalments in regular. After total payments made, they simply tell you there is no plot for you for the cause of delay in the payment of one or two instalments. This is the main point workers shall keep in mind. They also tell you that, this rule is already incorporated in the bylaws and informed you already about this. In general nobody reads those rules and regulations which are in small letters. At the same time number of workers doesn’t have knowledge on English language. This reason compels the workers to rely on the sweet words of society elders.

Finally all of you keep your entire hard earning money in their hands. At the end you won’t get your plot and your investment also never paid back. If you keep this money in Tirupathi Hundi you may get some virtue. If you enter the threshold of the Court, there is no guarantee on the time on when you will get justice? At the same time you have to bear the Court expenses which become additional burden for you. Showing the cause that nobody is coming forward to take the plots, the society people may try to sell such plots to others. So you have the responsibility to protect those plots because those were allocated with the funds of workers. In reality by 2015 society finalised the total number of workers and had taken decision not to enhance the memberships. Unfortunately society elders already violated this decision. Since 1994 constructions in these plots are continuing in snail pace. Design had finalised for 4213 plots. In between 2010-2015 plots had been allocated in phased manner. Till now such allocations were completed for 2632 plots. Another 1581 plots which are in finishing stage have already swallowed by society elders. It is said that previous Society President has made some justice to cine workers. Unfortunately present Society President has received bad name of plundering the workers. There are allegations that in the name of twin towers he has been trying to deceive the workers. In reality there is no permission to construct such twin towers. ‘Neti Dhatri’ analysed in detail about this in its previous episode. Neti Dhatri is being continued its efforts in favour of workers. It always is making alert the workers against deceiving acts. The only solution for this problem is to elect new society.

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