Conspiracy on Kaleshwaram Episode-1

· In the cover of Kaleshwaram conspiracies on Telangana?

· Attempts to push Telangana into dry conditions

· Plans to turn back the waters to Konaseema

· Andhra political advisers planning to drown Kaleshwarm

· Leaders fell in the trap of Telangana opponents

· They want to convert ‘Annapurna’ into desert

Once in Telangana ten acres land cost was equal to one acre land in Konaseema. After construction of Kaleshwaram entire trend reversed and Telangana land cost increased abnormally, really speaking ten times more than Konaseema lands. If we recollect what said Chandrabu Naidu one year back. Then BRS leaders felt that Chandrababu praising Telangana. Nobody expected that there is conspiracy behind his praising. Really speaking Chandrababu is against Telangana. He never wants to look Telangana as prosperous state. He has done nothing to Telangana. He didn’t lay a single road and never constructed a single irrigation project in this region. Instead he systematically destroyed prevailing chain model irrigation system in Telangana. With this all tanks in Telangana villages left in dry. During his tenure tanks around Hyderabad disappeared. Otherwise we can say that they illegally occupied. Like that Chandrababu rule ruined Telangana. In villages people lost their livelihood and began to migrate to other places.
Chandrababu never favoured the formation of Telangana State. He always showed his stepmother love on this region. After the formation of separate state Telangana became prosperous which against the wish of Chandrababu who wants to show it as a failed state. KCR successfully countered the plans of Chandrababu against Telangana. Babu main moto is to make Telangana dry. Then only the prestige of KCR will become blurring. In this back ground the forces against Telangana became active and prepared plans to drown Kaleshwaram. Exposing the technical fault in Kaleswaram as huge fault and began to campaign in large scale against it and finally succeeded in defeating BRS in previous Assembly elections. Now they have been trying to make the Kaleswaram as past history. The intelligent Telangana people shall observe these adverse developments. Till recent period Chandrababu had tried to continue his crooked politics in Telangana and now trying to regain power in Andhra Pradesh. In fact Chandrababu worked in favour of Congress party in Karnataka before playing politics in Telangana.
The strategist for Congress in Telangana, now has been working for Telugudesam in Andra Pradesh. Really speaking he shall work for Congress in Andhra Pradesh also. It is not happening now. Sharmila who has no single voter support in Telangana, till recent period continued to announce that she will become Chief Minister of Telangana. Now she became the Andharapradesh Congress President. In her election compaign in Andhra Pradesh, till now she never uttered a word that she will become the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. She is not expressing any confidence on Congress regain power in Andhra Pradesh. Telugu Desam party formed against Congress Party. Its main aim was to topple the Congress Government. Previously Chandrababu pledged for total defeat of Congress Party. Now Sharmila being Congress party State President never giving any statement against Chandrababu. It is not very difficult to understand about the secret politics behind this.
Recently Chandrabu expressed his opinion that present Government in Telanagana is in his favour. Now anti forces for Telangana slowly getting united and if Chandrababu comes to power in Andhra Pradesh, his first demand will be to make Hyderabad as united Capital for another ten years. He has the ability for successfully run lobby in New Delhi. Just three months after Congress came into power in Telangana, efforts to tarnish the prestige of KCR began. To achieve this goal they began to defame Kaleswaram. In the name of cast those who recently settled in Hyderabad passed a resolution in this regard. As part of their plan Kamma cast leaders in Telangana extended their unprecedented support to Congress in recent elections. But Kamma cast people in Telangana voted in favour of BRS party. Then those leaders realised that cast politics never works in Telangana. So they turned their political play against Kaleswaram. Their main intention is to transform Telangana into desert. Once, film actor Muralimohan suggested for completing Telangana projects which bluntly turned down by those leaders. Lift irrigation is costly they said. Like that those who are against Telangana want to make Telangana to depend on Andhra Pradesh for food requirements. For this purpose they are planning for uninterrupted water flow from Kaleswaram which facilitates Andhra area again become prosperous. In this back ground they want to take Telangana into their grip.
KCR relentless work transformed Telangana into prosperous state. If this water is not available Telangana reaches to previous position. Anti Telangana leaders not in a position to accept the prosperity of Telangana and their main concentration is on Konaseema. Unfortunately Telangana leaders are not bothering about the future of Telangana. At least they are not showing any interest to retain the present status of Telangana. Now entire Telangana water is going to Andhra. The corruption allegations on Kaleswaram may be proved in investigation. But due to lack water Telangana will face the brunt of politics. So Kaleswaram requires immediate repair works. No politics shall be played on this issue. In order to remain in power Congress shall act positively on Kaleswaram and take necessary action for uninterrupted water supply for farmers from the project.
Why these present rulers want to remain in reluctant towards Kaleswaram? They must act immediately and take steps to fill the tanks in the state. This is a continuous process. Simply filling tanks one time is not enough. If tanks remain in full of water, ground water levels raises in those areas. Bore wells never becomes dry. At present 29lakh bore wells are functioning in the state. It is not proper to come to one conclusion that filling water is dangerous for Kaleswaram project. Don’t give preference to political mileage. Present Government shall keep one thing in mind. While construction of Kaleswaram was going on KCR concentrated on repair works of tanks. Like that repair works for 46000 tanks finished in Telangana. Even in hot summer also all the tanks in Telanagana embellished with full of water. Along with this total 20 reservoirs also filled with water. Such steps taken by KCR Government facilitated to increase the groundwater levels in the state. During United Andhra Pradesh then rulers never tried to improve the ground water levels in Telangana. Before Telangana, Hyderabad people received drinking water once in a week. But now the capital city is receiving water without any interruption. Under Mission Bhagiratha entire Telangana has been receiving water. In this situation instead of making repair works, playing politics against KCR endangers the future of Telangana people. If farmer becomes angry, Government will fell in troubles. If present leaders have angry against KCR family, politically move forward against them. But it is not good for the Government to make farmers as victims for the cause of Kaleswaram. Within three months after formation of the state, KCR government gave uninterrupted electricity to people. If present Government goes to power cuts it will become disastrous for the existence of the Government.

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