Boarder may disappear with conjuring real estate

· ‘West’ completed now comes to ‘east’

· ‘East’ growth is essential to control Telangana in the future

· This is the secret behind the ‘real estate’ business

· Now ‘West’ has lost its glory

· Andhra Real Estate wants to expand in East

· Till now concentrated on West

· Master plan behind the creation of ‘real’ boom at East

· Expansion of ‘East’ lessens the distance from Andhra borders

· Those who purchase property in the ‘West’ may face loss in the future

· Andhra ‘real estate’ people want to raise business at ‘East’

· Profit margins may be less now, but give more benefit in the future

· No loss for business but great gain in the future

· Main aim is to reduce the distance between two states

· Rising ‘east’ is the base to make the dreams become reality

We have to accept the thinking and planning power of the Andhra people because they always plan a road map essential after six generations! This type of thinking may not possible for others. After long observation, when Andhra people asked for Chennai, immediately Tamil people drove them away from their state. Now they are preparing long term plans to grab Telangana Capital City Hyderabad. For this purpose they have chosen the way of ‘real estate’. The people of Telangana must know the hypocrisy of Andhra people behind the mask of development. For this purpose now they brought the idea of development of ‘East City’. Till now they have plundered the west part of Hyderabad and now nothing is left for them to continue their exploitation. The only industry that has been flourishing in the Western part of Hyderabad is IT industry. Most of all other industries either lost their glory or shifted to other places. In this back ground Andhra people wants to develop East city through which they want to reduce the distance between Vijayawada-Hyderabad. At first they began to settle at Dilshuknagar, L.B.Nagar and Kottapeta regions. When they found that there were no possibilities for growth when the development remains in West side of the city. Especially then government allocated lands for cine industry lay in west side and all other important growth centres had been concentrated in west side only. Then the Andhra people started their efforts to shift towards west where the livelihoods are being concentrated. At the same time Andhra people doesn’t want to intermingle with Telangana people and had the strong intention to control Telangana. Shifting to west benefited them in two ways. One is they kept distance themselves to Telangana people. Second one is they gradually began to control on Hyderabad. With these two reasons they stopped their settlements at LB Nagar and spread from Kukatpalli to Patancheru. At this juncture Telangana movement began to rise. Fortunate for them the impact of this agitation was very less in Nalgonda and Khammad districts. In this mean time Andhra people continue to spread in Banzarahills, Manikonda, Jublihills and Shadnagar areas. Even their concentration becoming more and more, they maintained their distance with Telangana society. The cultural distance between Andhra and Telangana made them to feel some deficit which they strongly wanted to overcome. Now they got the chance to show their strength and power in the name of east city.
In reality when the Andhra people began to settle in Kukatpally, nobody expected the rise of Telangana movement once again. There were no indications of such agitation to takes place. In Telangana regions Telugu Desam party became very strong by spreading in grassroots level. Chandrababu Naidu took all steps to erase the identity of Telangana. Congress party continued to be totally under the domination of Rayalaseema leaders. In such circumstances nobody can expect the raise of Separate State movement. Even if rise, it will continue for decades together but separate state never possible, this was the thinking of all sections of people at that time. There was another reason for Andhra people to turn towards West. That is ‘Fluoride problem’. In the east of Hyderabad there prevailed this fluoride problem in water. This also made them to shift westwards. Now there is no fluoride problem prevail in entire Hyderabad. Everywhere plenty of water is available for people. Really speaking not only Hyderabad in entire Telangana there is no water problem. In Andhra Pradesh now Prakasam district areas facing fluoride problem. All these changed circumstances ‘east city’ came in forefront to raise the issue of ‘united Andhra Pradesh’ by another generation. There prevail strong rumours that Telugudesam regain power in Andhra Pradesh created confidence among Real Estate business people once again to raise their domination. Now they are in confidence on regaining the past real estate glory. Even the leaders of Nalgonda are also looking towards Andhra Pradesh. Once they thought if Amaravathi gets developed, the expansion of this capital city may cause to unite Vijayawada and Guntur there by making it a well established city. Unfortunately now the situation turned topsy-turvy and there is no chance at all for the growth of Amaravathi. After advent of Jagan, he looked towards Visakhapatnam and never shown interest on Amaravathi. Now to reach from Tirupathi to Visakhapatnam also become very difficult. If Chandrababu regain power, he will again focus on Amaravathi. At the same time no Andhra leader expected such a development of Hyderabad. They also tried to show Telangana as failed state but it was not possible for them. Amaravathi had not shown any development as what they expected. Now they have changed their way of thinking and wanting to expand Vijayawada up to Kodada which makes the distance between Vijayawada-Hyderabad less. From Hyderabad side if in the name of east city the expansion of Hyderabad continues this also lessens the distance between the two cities.
Present Chief Minister Revanth Reddy wants to show his mark of rule in the state. He wanted to collect 50000 acres of land in eastern part of Hyderabad, which will be developed as separate city. He made this intension clear during his election campaign. So under his rule along with new city, new administrative centres may also be created. In future if east city developed on fast track, State Assembly building may be built here itself. There is possibility of shifting the secretariat to east city where a new building may be constructed. In this juncture we must recollect what happened in Tamil Nadu. Jayalalitha transformed the secretariat into hospital that constructed by Karunanithi. Like that the new secretariat building may be transformed into NIMS hospital that may be treated as alternative to NIMS that present at Panjagutta. By developing east city within a decade a new city may be developed. Then it will become very easy to raise the feelings of ‘united Andhra Pradesh’. These are the behind the screen indications coming out from the mask of real estate. Sniffing this, the scholars belong to Telangana region began to caution the people against such evil plans. Andhra leaders came to strong opinion that it is not possible to raise united Andhra Pradesh feeling in West region of Hyderabad. Palamuru which faced severe drought conditions during united rulers never support the feeling of united Andhra Pradesh. The role of Palamuru against Nizam rule and Telangana movement was great. From Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy number of leaders who played their important role in awakening Telangana people came from this district only. Palamuru remain the platform for Telangana literature and culture. In this back ground in the western side of Hyderabad it is impossible to create the feelings of united Andhra Pradesh. In the name of East City, if distance between Andhra and Telangana gets reduced some extent, in future there will be chances to bring forth the United Andhra Pradesh feelings. Again they can sing the song ‘Telugu Jati manadi’. To achieve this goal, ‘east city’ will become a foundation stone for Andra leaders.

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