Bad elements in Temples

The anger of Anjanna turns into a curse

·Only the pleasing eyes of Anjanna give blessings

·In the past ten years KCR never bothered about Kondagattu

·This caused the defeat of BRS

·Kavita worshiped Anjanna as the household god

·No funds given during MP tenure

·Before elections leaders went in ‘Q’ to Kondagattu

·After the elections nobody turns their eyes toward this temple

·Sent gifts to Tirupati Venkanna when Telangana formed.

·Sent jewellery to Vijayawada Kanakadurgamma

·But for Telangana deities shown only empty hand

·There is no proper water supply in Kondagattu

·No cell tower is present

·KTR never visited Kondagattu for ten years

·Kavita also never bothered this temple

·No punishments for corrupt employees

·No one stopped the exploitation at every stage

·Nobody cared about the vigilance report

·Cooperation extended to corrupt persons

·All these acts accumulated in the form of sins

·Arrogance towards Anjanna caused them to face the curse

·Pawan Kalyan came and gone. No contribution to this temple

·Can Congress rulers take steps to develop Kondagattu

·Will they forget Anjanna in the name of busy


Kondagattu Anjaneyaswamy temple is unique in nature an one among the temples in Telangana. Not only from these state, devotees from other states also used to visit this temple in regular and have their darshan of Lord Hanuman. Large number of devotees who visits Vemulavada Rajanna temple won’t return back without having darshan of Anjanna. Such a temple which has its spiritual importance has been neglected by the rulers and remains without any development. During Telangana movement KCR assured, he will develop the Telangana Templs those were under negligence of united rulers. After coming to power KCR had not show any interest towards temples in the state except the construction of Yadagiri Lakshminarasimhaswamy Temple. Those fought for the cause of Telangana never forget the words KCR who told that united rulers are showing their negligence towards the temples in Telangana. The Kondagattu Anjaneyaswamy temple is famous for its pervasiveness in Telangana state. Everybody thought that KCR definitely takes steps for the development of this temple but all of their hopes remain as day dreams with the attitude of negligence of KCR. In previous, being MP of Nizamabad Kavita used to visit the temple in frequent and participated in all types of celebrations held in the temple. She used to perform Homas, Yagas and other pujas at Anjanna temple. When she became MLC, she came here to take part in various celebrations like Hanumajjayanthi. Being such devotee to Anjanna she had not done anything for the development of this temple. When KCR government came to power in 2014 allegations exposed on some employees of this temple that they are indulging in fraudulent activities. Later Vigilence report also confirmed their corruption practices. Unfortunately KCR government didn’t turn its eye towards this temple. Kavita who was in regular visits to this temple, never took any interest to review the prevailing situation in this temple.

No discussion made on frauds in the temple

Kavita never asked to take action against those fraudulent employees. Unfortunately BRS leaders stood in support of them, which caused to raise fearlessness and made them to indulge in corrupt practices in open. While they are under the protection of BRS leaders even present government unable to take action against them. Now nobody is showing any interest to discuss on prevailing problems in the temple. It astonishes that, cell phone coverage spread all over the country even into remotest areas along with forests like Nallamala, where as in Kondagattu even today no cell phone works. The main reason is no cell tower present here. No cell phone company came forward to establish cell tower here. Either government or employees never had shown interest towards it. Another prevailing problem is non availability of water. There is no proper water facility in the temple premises. Devotees have to depend on water bottles purchased in the shops. We can’t believe that KCR doesn’t know about prevailing water problem at Kondagattu. It is unfortunate that KCR reluctance to console the victims of bus accident that occurred near Kondagattu. ‘We develop only some temples which we have interested’ this attitude of rulers made Anjanna to become anger. Ultimate result is BRS lost its power. AP people pull down the government which continued its incivility acts at Tirupathi. Likewise the indifferent attitude of BRS government towards the Kondagattu became curse for it. There are no sheds made of leaves are present in the premises of the temple. No shelter to protect from the scorching sun. In general carpets spread all over the premises to facilitate the devotees not to feel burning sensation of their feet while walking during summer. That facility is also not here. There is no proper queue line for the devotees. Only at the time of Anjanna ‘Maladharana’ period temporary queue lines are being erected by giving contracts. This also causes benefit to contractors and employees who take commissions but no one take steps to establish permanent queue system.

No proposals for permanent facilities

Employees won’t show any interest to provide permanent facilities because if they are created, they will lose their income. There are no sufficient room facilities near the temple. Even there are some rooms there we can’t see proper facilities to stay for one day. The people’s representatives of Karimnagar never show interest on doing such good things for the sake of devotees who visits the temple. They never care that only the devotees causing income for the temple. At the same time the lands belong to temple subjected to illegal occupations which never bothered by either officials or the government. Present Deputy Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Pawan Kalyan before launching his party ‘Janasena’ vistied Kondagattu and worshiped lord Hanuman. This year election campaign also he started from here by offering pujas to his vehicle ‘Vaarahi’ at Kondagattu only. After winning the election he came here and paid his ‘mokku’ to God Hanuman but never told that he will contribute for the development of this temple. Even KCR after coming to power he paid his ‘mokku’ to all temples in AP but not in Telangana. Now it is the time for Revanth Reddy and Minister for endowments Konda Surekha to act against these corrupt people. If government resorts to take action against them, it will create not only fear among the corrupt employees but also confidence among the devotees and creates belief on the system. Government shall take steps to solve the prevailing problems in this temple. If the government do these things Anjanna may shower his blessings on Chief Minister and his cabinet colleagues.

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