Are bulldozers meant for poor people houses?

·Only in the colonies like Pirjadiguda

·They are not used in ‘row houses’ in Chitrapuri colony

·Bulldozers also not use against Sheikpet survey no.327

·Chitrapuri is care of ‘elders’ magic

·Sheikpet ‘real’ magic

·Once it was wrong…now it became correct

·‘Elders’ are under protection and poor are left to their fate

·‘Row houses’ in Chitrapuri colony

·‘Apartments’ are under construction at Sheikpet

·Bulldozers sent to Pirjadiguda

·Dismantled the poor people houses

·Why not bother about fraud at Chitrapuri

·Why have the government forgotten the Sheikpet occupations

·Government reluctant towards it election assurances

·Workers are greatly neglected

·14acers are under occupation of 220 ‘cine elders’

·At the place to construct apartments, row houses built

·Revanth Reddy already said that 327 paiki survey number land belong to Government

·After becoming C.M. Revanth forgotten his assurance

·Temple land and burial ground land are under illegal occupations

·Now there is no sufficient place to perform Bonalu

·Present C.M. said 30acers park in 327 paiki survey number


Political leaders have some specific characteristics. While in opposition, with the aim to attain power they used give assurances to solve the problems in the regions when they happen to visit. At that time their main aim remains to attain power. After coming to power they will forget all those assurances given to people. They continue their struggle years together for coming into power. Present Chief Minister Revanth Reddy is one among them who struggled hard to attain power and finally achieved his goal. Since the beginning he used to say that his main aim is to become Chief Minister. For this purpose he first wants to become MLA and then PCC President. He became success in achieving these two goals. When he was in opposition as PCC president so many problems brought into his notice for solutions. Being opposition leader he gave assurances to solve such problems. Finally he became Chief Minister of Telangana and like all other leaders, he also forgotten those assurances given to the people. In this aspect he proved that himself as normal politician like others. Being Chief Minister it is not possible for everybody to meet him. When he forget his assurances it the responsibility of victims and media to remained him about his assurances. These two are happening now especially Chitrapuri and Sheikpet problems are being exposing by media to bring them to the notice of CM.
At Chitrpuri the problems of cine works remain in standstill since three decades. Sometime they look like some forward movement but in practical they remain in the place where they are! When there is no movement in solving the problem, cine workers continue to left in deep depression. These poor workers roam around the BRS leaders during the tenure of previous Government, to solve their problem. All their efforts left in vain because of the reluctance of such leaders to bring solution to their problem. At the same time after fully understanding their problem, those BRS leaders extended their tentacles of corruption and succeeded in getting some row houses. Like this BRS leaders got benefit in the name of solving the poor workers problem. Then cine workers turned their attention to Congress Party leaders. They approached Revanth Reddy who was then PCC president. After listening the problems faced by them, expressed his solidarity towards them and participated in the protests organised by the cine workers. Then he assured them if he comes to power entire Chitrapuri problems gets solved and every poor worker receive justice. He also said that plots will be allocated to all cine workers and takes steps to remove the row houses. He told that in the place of row houses apartments will be constructed. In reality as per the G.O. 628 issued by the government, apartments shall be constructed in Chitrapuri. Construction of apartments only the solution for solving the problem of own house for every cine worker. Considering this the Government issued G.O. 628 to construct apartments for the workers. Unfortunately the so called cine ‘elders’ kept it in pending. They occupied 14acres of land and misguided the GHMC officials. For constructing row houses, 220 such people have shared the land like cake. Revanth Reddy gave assurance to dismantle the row houses and will construct the apartment in that place. Till now his assurance did not transformed into action.
Chief Minister Revanth Reddy also well known about the fraud involved in 327piki survey number land in Sheikpet. When the controversy regarding this land came into limelight Revanth Reddy came here and well understood about the problem and fraudulent activities took place. Then he gave assurance that, this land belongs to the government. If Congress comes to power, this problem gets solved and entire land that under occupation will gets released, he revealed. In those times only one English Daily used to publish stories against the corruption involved in this site. Revanth also responded positively to those stories. Only KBR Park is available for the residence of Jubilee hills and Banjara hills. In such a large city this only Park is sufficient enough for the people. Revanth assured that 30acers of land in Sheikpet government land will be transformed into Park. He also cautioned the people not to be deceived by purchasing apartments here. After coming to power he had forgotten all of his assurances. Now there are neither works relating to development of Park nor dismantle works relating to illegal constructions. The business person, who grabbed some land from 327 survey number, now has been gradually extending his encroachments in burial ground. In this doing he is not hesitating to dig out the graves. The officials who responded to the stories came in ‘Netidhatri’, went to the spot and returned just by removing some metal sheets arranged as boundary. Now apartment works are going on in full swing and nobody is stopping these works. Now Bonalu festival started. The land where Bonalu festival is performed by the people is now filled with encroachments. Actually this land belongs to the goddess temple located here. There was huge extent of land around the temple for the people to celebrate their Bonalu festival. Now most of this land subjected to land grabbing and only some area that lies in front of the temple remain for the people to perform their pujas and other rituals. It is the right time for Revanth Reddy to take stern action to protect the land. If he responds in positive automatically he remains like strong leader in the hearts of the people. Otherwise nobody will believe him and consider him as like BRS leaders who indulged in corrupt practices. Poor people with their hard earned money constructed small houses in Pirjadiguda. The government did not hesitate to send bulldozers there to dismantle such houses. Then why the government remain in silent regarding to Chitrapuri and Sheikpet lands? The responsibility of giving answer for this question lies on the government heads.

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