Unprecedented land grabbing in an unruly manner


·Survey Number 327 is under grabbing

·Why indifferent towards correcting the mistake of the previous Government?

·Why is there no action on the crime committed in Sheikpet Survey Number 327 land?

·Why is the government reluctant to take possession of this land?

·Now plots being made and sold to innocent people continued without any resistance

·Why is MLA Maganti Gopinath playing his dual role?

·While in opposition Revanth Reddy raised the issue of this land grabbing

·Now why he is indifferent towards this issue

·How government can keep silent on this unofficial land grabbing?

·Why is there no punishment for those who registered lands unjustly?

·Why there is no preventive action on who is doing real estate business


That is the government’s land! Some people who indulged in corrupt practices registered such land in their name in an illegal manner. Now these people are doing real business in this land and earning crores of rupees. Really speaking they turned this land business into Maphia. Such type of land grabbing activities took place in unprecedented manner in the tenure of previous Governments. Some business personalities with the support of political leaders indulged in threatening activities on officials and forced them to register such government lands in the name of them. These people became like, can occupy any government land that fell in their eyes. Those occupied such lands continue to sell them making plots or constructing apartments to innocent people became a common practice. All types of care will be taken by political leaders who involved in such illegal activities behind the screen from preventing their names exposing! Like that the role of political leaders never comes out and those registered such lands, will continue to sell them to innocent people. Finally those who purchased such plots or flats remain victims for other people’s fraudulent activities. The previous rulers always used to say that lands are not available to distribute but lands are become available for them to allocate to their trusted people. Crores of business is being run on those lands the profits will be shared by those who involved. Like that by selling the government land the fraudulent people are accumulating wealth. This is one type illegal activity run by those influential people remain in behind the screen, who used to say in open that they will prevent the fraudulent activities involved in land transactions. Unfortunately such people have done all mischiefs under the shadow of ‘Dharani’. Now Rs. 3000crore worth of such land illegally had gone into such fraudulent people who earned enormous amount of money. Whose land has been occupied and whom they are selling is not known to anybody. With the confidence that government is in their hand they have done all these illegal activities without any fear.

Once Shaikpet remained as hamlet of Hyderabad. Now it became the heart of the city. Large extent of government lands present in Shaikpet area. This is the reason since united Andhrapradesh rule these lands continued to be occupied gradually by the people who are influential in the government. It reached to peak stage under the rule of previous government. Those persons who have good relations with ruling party leaders began to occupy those lands and gradually became rich by accumulating enormous wealth. In this same way some people formed a society in Shaikpet and keep their eye on survey number 327 lands. They gradually began to grab those lands. MLA Maganti Gopinath at first tried to resist this illegal activity and opposed the society saying this land belong to government. He also took the vow to protect the land from occupations by some people. Unfortunately the society people made him silent with prevaricating him. With this MLA began to extend his cooperation with them. During BRS government tenure, KTR once happened to came to Sheikpet to launch city hospital. Some society members told him about this land in secret and Maganti Ravindranath also supported them. Immediately one special G.O. had been issued and instructions regarding this sent GHMC Commissioner. After telephoning to concerned Taisildar, that particular land registered in the name of those persons. Then silently those who had involved collected their shared amount. Observing this the people belong to this area had tried to prevent this by saying this land belong to government. At one stage they resort to agitate against it. This issue reached to Revath Reddy who was then opposition leader. He reached the land and inquired about facts and immediately conducted press meet and announced that he is going to start a movement against this illegal occupation of this land. Now he became Chief Minister. When he was in opposition, it was said that the cost of this land around Rs.2000crors. Now the rate has risen to Rs.3000crores. Being the Chief Minister of the State Revanth Reddy has the responsibility to protect the land by taking possession of it. Previous Government had not allocated lands to poor as it promised during election campaign. Instead it handed over such lands in the hands of business people. For that purpose number of dark agreements made with them. Present government has full information regarding this land. It also has thorough understanding on those who have background role on this illegal activity. Present Chief Minister Revanth Reddy once raise his voice against this land grab activity. Now the time has come for him to take proper action against those who involved in this illegal thing. When government has total information regarding this entire fraudulent activity, there is no need for it to wait. It has to resort to take action without doing any late. We can understand that Revanth Reddy now busy with PCC activities and administrative matters. But now time came for him to take stern action against these Shaikpet lands. The government has not hesitating to take those lands allocated to poor, for laying roads and public works. Then it is reasonable to take possession of those lands illegally transferred in favour of some people and sold out in fraudulent manner. At the same time Government shall have to take stern action against those fraudulent persons who indulged in these activities. People belong to this area are demanding the same. It is being said that this land cost increased to Rs.3000crors which is huge amount. If the Government successfully regain this land, it can secure Rs.3000crore property that can be used for public benefit. This act will also remain a warning to such fraudulent people which inflict fear among them against further indulging in such activities. Otherwise number of such people will grow and create headache to common people as well as to government. The government stern action also protects those common people against felling in the trap of those leaders. At the same time the lands of common people also get protected. On previous occasions some ministers tried to occupy the lands belong to tribal people and faced defeat in the subsequent elections. Like that people expressed their anger in the form of votes. At this juncture, the present government shall act in impartial way and do justice to the people. Then it will gain the confidence of the people that facilitates its victory in coming elections.

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