Unprecedented corruption in Telangana


·What will happen if caught?

·‘We will get our posts again without any problem!’

·Bribes reached to peak stage

·Without feeling any guilty, squeezing the people for bribes

· No fear of caught in red hand

·Prestige is not a question before money!

·Bribes are not stopping even some corrupted people caught

·No problem even if caught!

·Regaining the post is not a big problem

·Lot of wealth accumulated in previous decade

·They are ready to tell reason for caught is ‘rivalry’!

·They are ready to get the post again with fighting the government

·They have confidence to regain the same post

·They never feel shy to lead life in josh with the money earned in shortcut methods

·This is the attitude of some Government officials


The corruption practice of some Government officials in Telangana crossed the limits and reached to peak stage. ‘Without us system will lost its existence. People never get the government services. We never bother about the society’, such dangerous attitude began to grow among government officials. At the same time their arrogance reached to a stage that they are not willing to bear the questions raised by the people against them. Really speaking this is not good sign to run healthy administration. Why such attitude developed among the government employees? The reason is that, during Telangana movement their role in the agitation had been exaggerated. Average common man in the state participated in Telangana movement voluntarily and without having any selfish thoughts. Even he never bothered when he lost everything during the fight for self respect of Telangana. That was the selfless participation of common man. Whereas Government officials’ participation was confined to ‘pen down’ and they received their salaries without any interruption. In the name of participation in agitation, they stopped their services to people and had shown their headship. They have taken stand in favour of the movement. This is only the favour done by the employees. They expressed their protest just by wearing the black badges but not came on to the roads in favour of the movement. After coming to power KCR had shown his favour towards the employees and raised their salaries in abnormal manner. He also gave them full freedom in the name of ‘friendly employees’. This turned as curse for Telangana society. Whatever the employees done, Government stood in favour of them. This really turned against the common man and caused the officials to feel that they are ‘special’ and ‘above all’. The attitude of government gave them full strength and who ever dared enough to give complaint against them, faced severe consequences. Finally this reached to a stage where government employees resort to attack the people showing the cause of interrupting their duties! The situation left the people in the state of trouble.

KCR never utter a word against employees

KCR never warned the employees against doing mistakes and never directed them to give service to the people. Being Chief Minister KCR never cautioned officials about stern actions if they indulge in corrupt practices. With the freedom given by the government, employees began their exploitation against people by fixing rates for the work done. Already their salaries rose to highest level. Now these unprecedented corruption practices caused them to accumulate enormous wealth within a short period. When there is nobody to question them, the freedom caused them to earn in unrestrained manner. At that time ‘Dharani’ introduced. This gave the officials an opportunity to exploit the people as they like. At one stage they never bothered about the time of getting the salaries because it is nothing for them when compare to their illicit earnings. Every day they used to return home with pocket full of money caused them to treat the salaries like miscellaneous amount. So they never questioned the government for their timely salaries! In general an average employee from higher level to lower level will have bank loans taken for different purposes which have to repay them in regular instalments. When the salaries not credited in schedule time, they will face problem in the repayment of loans. Astonishingly no official asked the government to pay their salaries as per schedule. This made the government to feel some flexibility in the payment of salaries. At the same time government had shown its indifferent attitude towards employees’ exploitation activities. 

Rampage corruption in Revenue, Registration and Medical departments

In the name of making corrections in ‘Dharani’ officials had collected money in indiscriminate manner from the farmers. Like that officials collected lakhs of rupees from farmers. This is not confined to one single office. The same situation prevailed in the offices spread all over Telangana State. If any farmer requires pass book, it became compulsion for him to pay laks of rupees to Tahasildar. If anybody questions the officials, they used to give reply that ‘land rates abnormally increased. Then what is the problem to pay such amount to us’! How far these officials are responsible for the rise of land rates? Dumb filled farmers paid the money whatever asked for the want of finish their required work. Fixing some amount for every work and forcibly collecting is really embracing one. That to making the farmers to roam around offices is also a thing of not acceptable. Like this some offices turned as care of address for corruption.

Incidents of caught in red hand

This indiscriminate corruption caused the officials to accumulate lot of money. Some officials had shown their willingness to participate in elections means one can easily understand their level of earnings. For such earnings they have not done any business. This amount is not hard earned one. Just by exploiting the people they accumulated such huge amounts. In this earning process officials kept aside all their sentiments and ethics. Their only goal is to earn money whatever they can. In these circumstances common man can feel fear to enter into the threshold of an office. Even in medical department, the employees are playing with the lives of people. They also squandering the money allocated by the government for the sake of the people. After wasting the money they remain in silent. Such people became like black mark for medical profession. Indiscriminately giving permissions to private hospitals without caring required formalities they really deceiving the government and people. Taking the salaries from the government, they are reluctant to give their services to poor. Most of them are establishing their own hospitals and convincing the people to take medical care at such hospitals. With this attitude, the main aim of the government left behind the screen and private hospitals continue to earn whatever they like. They do not hesitate to take their salaries without giving any services to people. The medicines provided by the Government entering into black market. If you continue to explain the corruption practices of medical people, there you fine no end. With the support higher political bosses, some medical officers remain in one place for long period without getting any transfers. They built their own hospitals and continue to exploit the people. Unfortunately it seems no end to their plundering activities. Astonishingly number of such corrupted officials who caught in red hand is able to rejoin in their posts. If the Present Government succeeds in eliminate these corrupt practices those deep rooted in various departments, it can gain name that can be written in golden letters in the history of Telangana.

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