No action on corruption in Kondagattu Anjanna temple

· Some people became like parasites

· Government must remove those 9 persons

· Why action is not taken on the vigilance report?

· Why no action on those with corruption charges

· ‘Netidhatri’ has 18 pages vigilance report

Generally, Hindus worship different gods depending on their beliefs and traditional practices. But all the Hindus without any other opinion worship only one god ‘Lord Anjaneyaswamy’. Hindus who spread all over the world offer ‘pujas’ with great devotion to Hanuman in the belief that he is only god to drive away all evil forces and ghosts which creates problems for humans. Generally mothers make their children to wear locket of Hanuman in their necks in order to prevent such negative and evil forces attack their children. In Hindu society practice of different customs and traditions followed in strict manner but every Hindu’s heart is filled with great devotion towards Lord Hanuman. Kondagattu Anajanna Sannidhi is famous pilgrim center in Telangana where laks of devotees every year have their darshan of ‘Anjanna’ to make their soul purify. In such a devotional place, some people are indulging in corrupt practices and causing to damage the good reputation of the temple. Some employees working in the temple have been indulging in fraudulent activities no showing of fear of god. The Ex. President of USA Barak Obama always keeps small idol of this monkey god along with him and always used to say that he is very much powerful god. Present Deputy Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Pawan Kalyan before launching his party ‘Janasena’ vistied Kondagattu and worshiped lord Hanuman. This year election campaign also he started from here by offering pujas to his vehicle ‘Vaarahi’ at Kondagattu only. After winning the election he came here and paid his ‘mokku’ to God Hanuman. Likewise lakhs of devotees not only from Telangana but also from Andhra Pradesh, Chattishgarh and Karnataka regularly visit this famous pilgrim centre and have darshan of Lord Hanuman. Devotion and fear against wrong doings are now confined to devotees only. These are not appearing in some employees who are working in this Devasthanam. These persons are swallowing everything with their corrupt practices. In 2014 when Separate state formed, there were allegations on 9 employees for their corrupt practices. After making inquiry vigilens officials also submitted their report on the fraudulent activities of these employees.

Why the previous government didn’t show any interest to take action against such corrupt employees? Who were responsible for this? ‘Netidhatri’ also wrote number of stories against corruption practices in this Kondagattu. Nobody responded! In recent, one news paper which is favour to BRS began to write stories against these corruptions in Kondagattu. Vigilence inquiry held and made it clear that corruption is real in this temple but BRS government never took action on this report. In these ten years of period who were the main cause for not taking action against this corruption? Which leaders were not only behaved with negligence but also prevented the action against those employees? Who stood like back bone for these persons? Finally simply by transferring three of them and succeeded in keeping the issue on side track. Later those three were reinstated in their posts! How all this happened? Is it possible without the support of BRS leaders? When 51 innocent passengers died in a terrible accident that occurred near Kondagattu, KCR didn’t come out of his pragathi Bhavan and consoled the victims. Such KCR never bothered about this corruption that happening in Kondagattu. He never took steps to develop this temple. Kavitha who worship Anjanna with great devotion showed here reluctance towards the corrupt practices of these employees. She never bothered about continuous stories those coming in media. Looking that she only offered her ‘pujas’ to Hanuman for the sake of her political development. Frequently she used to perform ‘homas’ and ‘yagnas’ at Kondagattu which made her to appear like great devotee of Anjanna. Real devotees worship god in all times without any interruption. If perform such pujas only for political gain or with selfish motto what happens? Such selfish worship gives only negative results. Kavita is best example for this. If she responded immediately after came to know about these corruption and took action against such people, she might have received good reputation along with blessings of Anjanna. It is said that, she allowed such people to continue their services to Hanuman caused her to accumulate sin ultimately she is subjected to face troubles. Any government is in power, it shall now allow corrupt practices in temples. Immediately after exposing the corruption of these nine employees, if they get removed from these posts government might have received not only good name but also well reputation among the people. Unfortunately this has not happened. If such stern action would take against those persons, it might have created fear among others and made to think twice to behave in fraudulent manner. Totally the situation is now reverse to it. That means now they have no fear of losing their jobs.

If anybody commit mistake unknowingly there is a chance to pardon them. The persons knowingly and willingly practicing the corruption and laks of rupees are being swallowed, what will be the punishment? Till now they are escaping punishments with the reluctance of the government. Now they are not caring the vigilance report given against them. Their corruption even spread to the ‘prasadam’ offered by devotees. They are eating away the income on cottages and appointing contract employees as they like and not showing the salary amount paying to them in the temple accounts. Now it is the time for Revanth Reddy and Minister for endowments Konda Surekha to act against these corrupt people. Knowing about the power of Anjanna, these people are acting against the rules. If government resorts to take action against them, it will create confidence among the devotees but also raise their belief on the system. What had happened in Tirupathi? The unruly activities of the government caused to lose the power. If god opens his eyes nobody can stand against him. This is the fact that everybody must understand. The employees must be confined to services to devotees who visit the temple. Neglecting their primary duty these employees are indulging in corruption practices. Now devotees are requesting Revanth Reddy to take action against such practices and streamline the administration of Kondagattu temple.

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