If party gives chance as TUDA chairman I will develop Tirupathi: Animini Ravi Naidu


·I will make Tirupati as number one in Andhra Pradesh

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·I will beautify the City

·I will make as like top cities in the world

·I like Telugudesam pary 

·Chandrababu is like a god to me

·I like the leadership of Lokesh

·I will work for the party all the time

·I have worked as a coordinator for Lokesh Padayatra

·I have coordinated it with 150 party workers

·I remained in Lokesh Padayatra for 18 months

·I have faced the violent acts of YSRCP

·‘Total 57 cases filed against me’

·They have prevented me from each step putting forward

·YSRCP leaders threatened me

·They have destroyed my financial sources

·They have inflicted a lot of trouble on me

·I didn’t care about the threats from such leaders

·I never leave the Telugudesam flag

·I stood strong against all atrocities

·I kept my life at stake for the sake of the party

‘Telugu Yuvata’ State Secretary and co-ordinator of Telugu Yuvatha activities Animini Ravinaidu had a chit chat with ‘Editor Neti Dhatri’ Katta Raghavendra Rao and shared his opinions on the prevailing issues of the state.


‘Telugudesam is lifeline for me. Chandrababu Naidu is my political guru. I like the leadership of Lokesh. I like him very much. To serve the party and the leaders is the main aim of my life”, said Ravi Naidu while conversing with Katta Raghavendra Rao. Since five years I faced lot of up and down and I tried my level best to protect the party when it was facing troubles. All of my efforts during adverse period received appreciations from Chandrababu Naidu and Lokesh. In these circumstances if party high command gives me a chance as Chairman of Urban Development Authority, I will work end ever for the development of Tirupathi. I like Tirupathi very much. My main aim is to keep Tirupati one among top reputed cities in the world. At the same time I will make it number one city in Andhra Pardesh. I have that confidence that I can keep the city in forefront in all aspects. Since past five years I never cared anybody. I didn’t put back my foot with the fear of atrocities of YSRCP and dared to resist them and stood against such activities. I never felt fear about the threatening from YSRCP leaders. I continue to resist the anti activities of YSRCP leaders and remain in fighting with them. I lead the youth movements and took part in the activities for that call given by Telugudesam party. In those days I use to move forward by dismantling all those obstructions created by YSRCP and relentlessly tried my level best to make strengthen the party. Then YSRCP government kept number of cases against me those which I never cared. Now our party came into power in the state. In this juncture I would like to be appointed as Chairman of Tirupati Urban Development Authority. He also expressed confidence that Chandra babu and Lokesh will definitely consider his name for this post in recognition of my services to the party, he detailed to ‘Netidhatri’.

I tried my best to make the party to stand

I worked hard to make strengthen the party. My strong wish is that Chandrababu Naidu shall once again become the Chief Minister of Andhrapradesh. I wanted the golden rule of Chandrababu once again to come to AP. I like the leadership qualities of Lokesh. I moved forward by overcoming all the obstructions created by the ruling party leaders. I experienced lot of humiliations from them and bounced back to regain my position. In these five years I used to continue so many programmes organised by the party in the state. I these five years I kept remain myself in activities of the party in continuous manner. I worked hard to make Lokesh Padayatra to become success. I remain continue to raise the party flag to flutter sustaining the atrocities caused by the opposition. I among one who believed that party will again come to power. I loved party more than my family. I tried my level best to fill confidence among the party cadre on the future of our party. I created confidence among them that future Chief Minister will Chandrababu. For three years I worked hard for the sake of party. Nearly eighteen months I worked for the sake of development of Telugudesam. My political career started from student level and now I became Telugu Yuvata state Secretary. I worked as voluntary coordinator for ‘Yuvagalam Padayatra’ and received appreciations from him. I along with 120 other party workers worked hard to make success Lokesh Padayatra.

YSRCP Government imposed cases

Within the period of five years YSRCP government imposed 57 cases against me. In Alipiri police station 11 cases filed, 9 cases in Tirupati West police station, 4 cases in Tirupati East police station, Six in Tiruchanuru, four in Chandragiri, two each in Chittoor, Gudur and Tullur, seven in the region of Tirupathi SV University region, one each in Vijayawada Satyanarayanapuram police Station, Peddakakani, Srikakulam, Renigunta, Punganur, Venkatagiri, Naidupet police stations, two cases each at Sri kalahasthi town, Renigunta are filed against me. The details of cases filed against during Nara Lokesh Padayatra are three cases in three police stations of Tirupathi, SC/ST atrocity case at Nuziveed, Attempt to murder cases each one at Unguturu and two such cases filed at Bhimavaram. Like that filing cases against me YSRCP wanted to destroy my financial sources. At the same time they wanted to dismantle my self confidence and self respect. I resisted the actions of previous government time to time, especially the agitation that organised by me for notifications of recruitments. I fought against the adulteration

I took part in new voter enrolments

I have conducted classes for University Students. I have taken up various social service activities. When previous government reluctant to provide job opportunities to unemployed youth, I took streets criticizing the attitude of the government. At the same time I strived hard for strengthening the party. In this back ground I request the party high command to give me an opportunity as Chairman of Tirupathi Urban Development authority. I will work hard to strengthen Telugudesam party in future. Not only in Tirupathi but also in entire Andhra Pradesh I will sincerely work hard to develop the party. I will move forward the aspirations of Chandrababu Naidu and accepting the leadership of Lokesh and remain with party with utmost dedication. If party gives me an opportunity as TUDA Chairman, I will develop the city to become excellent among other large cities in India. Hence I request Chandrababu Naidu to consider my name for this post as he is giving preference to those worked hard for the sake of the party, because I one among those strived for the sake of Telugudesam.

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