I will remain winner in Karimnagar : says Boianapalli Vinod Kumar


Special interview with Neti Dhathri Editor
Katta Raghavendra Rao

· I am the voice of Telangana people

· I paved way for the growth of Karimnagar

· BRS formed only for the cause of Telangana

· BRS only prefers advantages for Telangana

· Separate state formed only with the efforts of BRS

· KCR kept his live in stake for the sake of Telangana

· KCR transformed Telangana into rice bowl

· ‘Golden Telangana’ achieved by KCR

· Within four months Congress spoiled the state

· Congress deceived people in the name of six guarantees

· Farmers lost their glory

· Telangana is transforming in to desert

· Within ten years nothing has done by BJP for Telangana

· BJP not given a single rupee to the state

· BJP MP failed to get single paisa for Karimnagar

· I developed karimangar in all sectors

· BJP deceived the Karimnagar people for believing it.

· I brought number of issues of Karimnagar to central government.

· I fought for central funds

· Congress and BJP doesn’t have moral right to ask vote from people

· There is no recognition for them among the people

· The two parties will learn lessons from the people

· Car is in josh in the present elections


Congress has an attitude of deceiving the people. Looking positive towards Telangana it neglected the separate state issue for ten years. Till winning in elections, it enchanted the Telangana ‘mantra’ and after that Congress wanted to deceive the people of this region. In that situation KCR entered and successfully filled the ‘Telangana mantra’ among people hearts. He raised the Telangana movement and made the people to move towards achieving the goal. At one stage he put his life in stake for the cause of Telangana. After achieving the state, KCR transformed the state into ‘Golden Telangana’ and rice bowl. After ten years once again Congress came into power by its mesmerising and specious reasoning. Now it has been once again trying to exhibit its original face. Still it has not relinquished its deceiving nature and once again pulling the state people into plights. The leader, who didn’t raise the word of Telangana even for single time, now became Chief Minister. It is not astonishing that Telangana Congress leaders don’t know the meaning of Telangana. They don’t know the existence and self-respect of Telangana. The only thing known to them is to kneel before the Delhi leadership. Congress leaders give preference to power and posts. They never bother about the plights of the state people. Now entire Telangana is in affliction for drinking water. On the advent of summer rural areas now began to suffer from thirst which congress leaders show indifference towards this cause. So villages are now facing serious water problem. BJP never had done anything for the sake of Telangana. What it has done only brought the religion to forefront. Nothing has been done by BJP to raise the living standards of people. This is the reason for Telangana people for not relaying on BJP. Only KCR remain in the hearts of Telaganana people. This is the reason for BRS to emerge victories in coming elections. People will teach lessons to Congress and BJP, Boinapalli Vinod kumar BRS candidate saying in confidence with Katta Raghavendra Rao, Editor of Neti Dhatri. The details of what he said in his words.
I remain the voice of Telangana people and moved along with KCR for the cause of the state. I attended the Parliament sessions for highest number of days and raise questions on issues relating to Telangana and fought for bringing the funds for development. I paved the way for the growth of Karimnagar in all fronts. BRS born only for Telangana and achieved separate state. Within ten years of period it successfully brought the fruits of development for Telangana. No other leader in the world has developed his region like KCR as first Chief Minister of Telangana State. KCR successfully filled the self respect among Telagana people who were remain treated as second level people since seven decades of united Andhra Pradesh rule. He successfully transformed Karimnagar into green carpet with fertile lands and made it as rice bowl. The Congress party which was distance away from power for ten years now came to power by giving 420 assurances. Then Telangana people got some doubt. Immediately it gave assurances in the name of six guarantees deceived the people. Within a short span of time people of Telangana now realised their mistake. KCR always said that Congress gives only starvation and power cuts. Now people are remain in grieve for not heeding the words of KCR. Congress also misleads the people with negative campaign on Kaleswaram Project which transformed Telangana into green carpet with its water. Now people are remain anger against Congress for failing to give sufficient water and current which turned the hard work of farmers in vain. It deceived the people by assuring to raise Raitu Bandhu to Rs.15000 and now it seems reluctant to implement it. Congress also deceived the people by not implementing the loan waiver up to Rs.2lakh. Now Telagana people are antagonising against Congress for its unfulfilled assurances.
Since ten years what did BJP to Telangana is nothing more than deceiving the people. It shifted ITAR to Gujarat from Telangana and hoodwinked the youth of this state. BJP also foiled the hopes of Telangana people on Kazipet coach factory. BJP always cut down the funds to Telangana and hindered the growth. If by mistake Telangana people believes the words of BJP then current meters will definitely fixed to your pump sets. Current bills will be collected from the farmers. During his tenure KCR didn’t heed to the pressures exerted by Central Government on farmers and even it stopped the funds to the state. BJP leaders are like jackals and ambush to delude the people. So BRS only the party that always ready to fight for the self respect of Telangana people. Keeping this in mind state people will definitely will teach lesson to BJP. The religion that BJP mainly rely on will become dubious to the party in the coming elections at Karimnagar. Bandi Sanjay still not learnt lesson even after facing defeat in Assembly Elections. He is still continues to raise religion as main issue. Congress has no scope at all in Karminagar. Ultimate winner will be mine. The days are nearing that people to drive away Congress and BJP.

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