Harish Rao is the only torchbearer for the party now


·It is better to give a chance to Harish to lead the party

·Change of leadership is essential for the survival of BRS

·Harish is the only top and acceptable leader in BRS

·He can turn the people in favor of the party

·He is the only mass leader in the party

·Harish is a correct leader to set right the party at the field level

·He knows well how to tackle the leaders and party workers

·He can reach the masses

·He is the brave leader to continue to fight in this adverse situation

·Harish knows well the roots of agitation

·He is the familiar leader for old and new generation leaders

·He is capable of bringing all on a single rope

·He can make decisions acceptable to all

·Party can achieve past glory under his leadership


After facing disastrous defeat in Parliament elections BRS party position fell in precarious condition. In these circumstances there are serious discussions in the party circles to make Ex. Minister, Siddipet MLA Harish Rao as BRS working president. All the leaders are expressing their opinion in unanimous that it is the right time to make Harish as party working president who has the capacity to lift the party from this downfall situation. Even though KCR is the founder and build the party, Harish acted as whole and sole of the party. KTR and Kavita were not present during the Telangana movement. At that time they were in USA. During separate state movement Harish Rao toured around entire Telangana and made the ‘rose flag’ to flutter in every house hold. It is necessary for everybody to change their attitude and increase their adoptability as per the situation demand. Especially it is essential for those who are in politics. There shall not be any relation between age an run for victory. Prime Minister Narendra Mode and Andhra Pradesh new Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu are best examples for this. In case of BRS leader KCR, he can make others to run but don’t know how to run himself. Not only in this age but also in any age he can’t keep himself ready to run very fast to win in politics. When we are unable to move forward, giving chance to some other will become right decision for the cause of overall benefit. Then we can enjoy the victory achieved by other who encouraged for doing so. This is essential in politics. Identify the person who has leadership qualities to lead the party in future and give him a chance to become leader. This selection shall be done in careful manner such that the person whom makes choice of must have ability to build the party in future on strong foundation. At the same time you must have strong confidence on the performance of such leader and that leader must posse’s agreeableness on you. If you want to unveil yourself, must increase the number of people who love and respect you with your positive approach towards them. Harish Rao is such leader remains in the party. Then one question may arise. There are KTR and Kavita in the party who are progeny of KCR. Here one important thing must keep in mind that progeny always may not useful especially agitation party like BRS. That do not means that KTR and Kavita are not warriors but it is better to have the supervision of the leader who continued since the beginning of Telangana movement. This will facilitate the party to become strong. At the same time name ‘BRS’ shall be changed which remain great obstruction for the sustenance of the party. Involving in National politics remains a day dream for KCR. Now Telangana people kept KCR aside. In this situation doing politics is not at all easy for him. People won’t give votes for simply sitting in TVs and giving long lectures. This is proved in Parliament elections. When KCR appeared in TV lakhs of people sat before and heard what he said. But such lectures failed to receive votes from the people.

When KCR conducted bus tour large folk of masses gathered. Looking at these people all felt that BRS will receive votes like ‘rain’! What happened? It has been proved that all people who attend the meeting won’t give their votes. Same thing proved in Andhra Pradesh also. In AP lakhs of people attended the road shows conducted by Jagan but their presence didn’t transform into votes which led to disastrous defeat of Jagan. Now he has to satisfy with 11 seats. That is the present political scenario and proved fact that presence of masses in large number will never yield votes. KCR shall recognise this fact. Once politicians felt that the presence of masses turns into votes. Now entire people attitude changed. KCR strongly needed to understand this fact. First of all he shall reshuffle the party. Especially the responsibility to run the party shall be entrusted on Harish Rao. This is the wish of an average party worker. At the beginning TRS remain very strong in position in rural areas. Committees at village, Mandal, Constituency, district and state level made the party very strong. All the JAC and party committees filled with BRS leaders. With all these committees BRS remained in strong position. Soon after coming into power in 2014, all these committees were abrogated. All leaders present in JACs become BRS leaders. With this transformation even party looked like very strong but internally party became weak. Lack of leadership appeared clearly. People also gave their votes not looking at these leaders but they wanted KCR to become Chief Minister. Even in 2019, with the fear of loss of existence of Telangana they gave their votes to BRS. This victory caused to raise egotism in KCR and he began to think that party and he are not separate. Fortitude also rose in KCR that people will give votes by looking at him. With this sedateness immediately after winning the 2019 elections, KCR made his son KTR as working president of BRS. With this act Harish Rao like leaders felt some sort of impatience which recognised by KCR and kept him aside for some period. Without giving minister post KCR delayed for some time. Like this KCR tried to keep all the systems in his hand and looked towards other leaders as his slaves.

After 2019 KCR kept all important portfolios under him and look after the administration of the state without giving preference to other leaders. In this situation all other ministers lost their importance. KCR also took unilateral decision to dismantle the existing secretariat and to construct new one in its place. In the new secretariat building he scattered away all ministers’ chambers so that all of them get confused to reach there. At the same time there was no work for ministers except roaming around Pragathi Bhavan. With all these acts, the distance between Chief Minister and Ministers, Ministers, MLAs with people gradually increased. Being confined to Pragathi Bhavan there was no possibility for KCR to know about the atrocities caused by the ministers. All these circumstances made everyone remain an individual and there was no union among the ministers and MLAs. In the name of Dharani officials raised curtain for corruption and Ministers began their ‘danda’ with land grabbing activities. Like this, entire Telangana left in anarchy. Observing all these things, people gave their mandate against BRS and thrown KCR into dust bin. KCR also lost the seat Kamareddy where he contested. Still KCR kept all the posts along with him and don’t want to come out of his house. KTR continues spoil whatever left image of the party with his loose tongue. At this juncture party workers strong wish to remove KTR from Party working president and to give that post to Harish Rao because he is mass leader and toured every village during Telangana movement and has strong grip on Telangana problems. Once with heavy rains, Kadem project washed away. Then reporters asked KTR about this mishap who replied that he didn’t have any understand on this project. Then KTR just came from America and became MLA from Sirisilla and confined to that constituency only.

In ten years of period KTR didn’t improved his understanding on filed level. He has toured to foreign countries and had discussions with industrialists and concentrated on industrial development. He doesn’t have any understanding on irrigation and agriculture sectors. He doesn’t not aware of the problems faced by party workers at field level. Whereas Harish Rao is not like that of KTR and has clear understand on entire Telagana. He has through knowledge on region wise existing problems in the state. He knows well what people really want. On what have to do to solve their problems also he has his own understanding. He also knows well on how to attract people. That is why he used to continue among the masses well and considered as mass leader. He posses special craze among people and even he will run the party with his intimacy with leaders who participated in Telangana movement. He identifies every such leader who took part in agitation and has good reputation among such leaders. If party want to bring them under one umbrella it is only possible to Harish Rao. So it is reliable to entrust the responsibility of the party in the hands of Harish Rao.

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