Employees become scapegoat during elections


·Employees are also voters

·How can it be treated wrong if ask votes by candidate or employee?

·Candidates’ campaign shall not be rejected.

·Employees colonies are present every where

·Why candidate does not allowed entering the house of an employee?

·Is candidate campaign prohibited in colonies?

·How it will become wrong if employees participate in campaign along with candidate in their colony?

·Whom teachers MLCs will ask for votes during their campaign?

·Is it comes under violation of election rules?

·Majority votes for electing Graduate MLCs belongs to employees.

·Employees are prohibited to campaign in public places

·Employees are also prohibited to carry party flags

·Why employees are denied to participate inside the four walls

·Is it not hurry decision made by Election Commission?

·It is nothing but making employees as scapegoat.

·Where are the employees unions

·What is the reason behind the unions kept in silence?


There are some news regarding to the punishment of government employees due to their presence in the campaign programme of some candidates who are in fray, which raise one important question during present Parliament Elections on how this election system has been functioning? Is really employees committed mistake? Is Candidates are unaware of election rules and regulations? Do the employees unions not have total understanding on the rules and regulations during elections? Till now there is no response from the employees unions. Actually on the occasion of elections, all the employees work under Election Commission. Here is one key point to rise. Employees are also voters. They also have their right to vote. Then, is it not necessary for an employee to know about the candidates who are contesting from the constituency where he resides. The rules and regulations preached by Election Commission confined to only ordinary people. Are they not applicable for employees who are also voters? How to cost the vote? How to choose good candidate without yielding to the covetousness of political parties? How to cost vote without any fear? Election Commission used to conduct awareness campaign on such topics among people during elections. Commission also release advertisements through all types of media. Why the E.C. is doing all these things? Only for enlighten people to give their vote to good candidate which is essential for the future of the country. E.C. also conducts seminars at Universities to encourage people to participate in voting. Then it is reasonable to raise the point that employees are also voters. They also have the right to cost their vote. As a voter they have know about the candidates contesting in their constituency. Then only they can decide whom to give their vote.
When the election process begins, candidates come towards the people to request votes. In this process they will continue their door to door campaign. In the colonies where the candidates go for campaign, employee’s houses may also present. Suppose if public meetings arranged in the employees locality, is there any rules to prevent the employees to attend such meetings? As per the prevailing rules any employee is not suppose to campaign in favour of any candidate in person or even through any type of mass media. But they have the basic right to hear what a candidate is saying. In general, candidates give assurances to the people to solve their problems which are in pending. Like people, employees also have their own problems. Is it not necessary for the candidate to come towards employees and assure them to fight against such problems through legislative bodies? On this occasion one incident that occurred in Medak Parliament Constituency came into limelight. Election Commission which conducts the General Elections also has the responsibility to conduct MLC elections. Graduate MLCs and Teachers MLCs also get elected along with other MLCs. Teachers MLCs will discuss the problems related to teachers where as Graduate MLCs will concentrate on unemployed issues.
For the Teachers MLCs and Graduate MLCs the campaign confined to government offices, schools, colleges and Universities. In general nobody allowed to campaign at working hours. During MLC election time, the contesting candidates and their followers continue their campaign in Schools and Colleges. Generally this happens during working hours of those institutions. In such circumstances, is it not treated as employees’ participation in the campaign? Meetings and seminars used to conduct in educational institutions and Universities for the purpose of asking votes. In towns and cities, election campaign meeting are being organised in various function halls. All most all the employees are present in such meetings. Teachers unions openly participate in campaign activity. When these are allowed, how can it be treated as mistake if candidates go for election campaign in the region where employees’ residences are present? How far it is reasonable to hold the employees responsible for such participation? Today number of colonies emerged for government and private employees. NGOs colony, Teachers Colony, RTC colony, Doctors colony and Lawyers colony like number of colonies are present in different towns and cities. All such colonies have function halls where the candidates used to conduct meetings and request all those colony people to participate. When the candidates unable to conduct house to house campaign they will choose this method. In general such meetings are held in the morning or evening times. If employees attend those meetings, can it be consider as violation of election rules? Are there any rules to treat such employees in such a way?
In reality any government employee shall not have any membership in any political party and not suppose to participate in party campaign. Then, why party tickets are giving to employees during MLC elections? Is it unknown fact to Election Commission that employees unions are functioning in affiliation to various political parties? Whenever new Government formed, the employees belong to affiliated unions get higher positions are known fact to everybody. Their works will be finished without raising any objections. Being an employee, is he denied of this right to freedom? It is wrong to expose whom he voted. It is also wrong to influence others to vote in favour of a particular candidate. But it is not wrong being self enlightened. It is not wrong for an employee to know about the candidate who can protect his rights. An employee has the right to ask a candidate to solve the problems related to his region. Being participate in election process, how can it be fault of an employee to choose a right candidate? During campaign the candidates may not know that they came to the house of an employee. Then, how far it is reasonable to question such employee who is the owner of that house on the arrival of a candidate? When it considered wrong to meet some employees, then what about the training programmes conducted where number of employees will participate? If the employees wants to campaign in favour of their candidates, they can use such places. Without having knowledge on these facts, how can we think that all things going in normal? When an employee want to know about the suitable candidate, it is common for him to stay along with fellow employees to know the reality. Employees unions have the responsibility to clear if it is correct or not. At present this is the point occupied centre of discussion among employees.

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