Culprits escaped and implicated Anil Chitrapuri Episode-6

·Why land to high people in Chitrapuri

·There is no permission for row houses

·As per G.O.No.658 only permission is given to apartments

·How 14 acres of land were occupied and built row houses?

·In the place of row houses at least 2000 flats can be built

·Why ‘Kadambari’ unexpected departure to America?

·Who is behind the attempt to blame Anil?

·Anil was not in the chair when row houses allocated

·Anil has no relation with the issue of row houses

·Deceitful people shared the plots and constructed row houses

·No permission for special houses

·Cine workers remain victims in this fraudulent episode

·Since two decades who continued to be considered as elder people?

·Who played their role behind the screen keeping Anil in the forefront?

·How did it become possible to take ten plots each?

·Why flee away at the time of to answer?

·Why is there no answer to the questions raised by Anil?

·Who is preventing the action to dismantle the row houses?

·Who is preventing the implementation of Congress assurances?


It is general saying that even God can’t catch the household thief. Those who continued as Society Secretaries in previous years had committed all sins whatever they like and withdraw themselves from the responsibilities. Unfortunately present secretay Vallabhaneni Anil has been facing allegations which are nowhere concerned to him. Those who are raising the issue of Chitrapuri don’t have full knowledge on what had happened in previous years. They are making comments as they like without knowing the facts and raising criticisms as per their knowledge of understating. Unfortunately such people are not showing any interest to know the reality. Their comments are mainly concentrating on how best can embrace the society and wanting to create problems to Anil. Anil never said that there were no fraudulent practices took place in the society. Those who are making allegations must know the fact that Anil is not responsible for those illegal activities because he was not in Society Chairman Seat when these corrupt practices are said to be held. Now he has no power to alter them. He is working hard in dedication to make justice to cine workers but those who were indulged in fraudulent activities in previous now want to create controversy by making unnecessary allegations. At the same time they want to keep Anil in front and remain themselves behind the scene. They are not willing to make justice to cine workers and creating hurdles to Anil from moving forward in this direction. Such fraudulent hawks want Vallabhaneni Anil to be in this position to continue their activities in the way they want. For this purpose they are not hesitating to make him scape goat with their trick plays in the Chitrapuri episode. For this purpose they are inciting some people and making the society to lose its reputation. At the same time they are creating some insecurity among the cine workers which is a part of their political play. Their final goal is to keep all cine workers outside the society by allocating plots to their followers and near and dear. If it real that they have broad mind towards workers, might have kept themselves away from purchasing the plots and constructing the villas in such places. Row houses remain the best example for their Hippocratic nature. Really speaking construction of row houses is totally illegal. As per the G.O. 658 issued by the government only flats are allowed for the construction. There is no permission to build row houses. Even then, large number of cine ‘elders’ constructed row houses which is nowhere concerned to Vallabhaneni Anil. There is no society behind the construction of row houses. Those who are making allegations on Anil, don’t know the real cause behind. Anil also making it clear that, he is not responsible for the row houses issue. Unfortunately those who are making allegations do not believe on what Anil said. Really speaking some row house owners are behind the people who are in forefront to create controversy with allegations. All the row houses shall be dismantled. This shall be the first and stern action taken by the government. Anil wants the same thing and he is totally against for 14acrs of land held in the hands of 200 persons. If these illegal row houses gets dismantled then in this same place 2000 flats can built for cine workers. Anil is thinking in this way and strongly determined to make justice to workers. For this purpose he wants to call for General Body meeting in the coming month August. He is expecting that all facts related to this issue will come out in this meeting. All fraudulent people became united and constructed row houses. In order to cover their hypocrisy and to show themselves as supporters of workers, such people are now inciting some people against the society. All these ‘elders’ knows well that these cine workers can’t go against them. At the same time they are in full confidence that they can prevent any action of government against them, with their influence among political leaders. This is the reason till now either cine ‘elders’ or previous governments came forward to negotiate with cine workers on Chitrapuri issue. In previous governments some political leaders advised the cine workers who met them to explain their plights, not to go against such cine ‘elders’.

During conversations with cine workers political leaders came to know about the row houses and moved the pawns to get some among them and get succeeded. If new government initiate inquiry on this row houses issue, the real face of BRS leaders will also get exposed. Some influential persons purchased ten plots each by keeping the society in their hands. Doing like that they have made lot of injustice to workers. The hidden facts of such leaders will also come out. Kadambari Kirankumar always speaks about the welfare of the workers. It is the time now for him to expose how many row houses he has? Otherwise Vallabhaneni Anil will reveal all those facts during General body meeting in the month of August. At that time the hidden secrets of those who are moving outside with getting bail will also gets exposed. The role of BRS leaders behind them will also gets revealed. Those who are saying parrot words keeping 14acrs of land in their hands by constructing the row houses have to answer the questions raised by society members and workers at the time of the meeting. Then the workers only finalise what to do against these illicit activities.
Anil brought a proposal to build 2000 flats in this 14acres of land where row houses are present. This made so called cine ‘elders’ who own some of the row houses to get anger against Anil. Immediately they tried to threaten him and finally wanted to remove him from the post. They want to keep another person in the place of Anil. But Anil is determined to make it success to construct twin towers along with apartments in 14 acres. Now some people are in fear about Anil who came out on bail. They are in doubt that this issue may create storm and it is learnt that Kadambari Kiran who always incited some workers against society now left to America. Those who are in bail without court permission shall not leave the country. If he took the permission or not is clearly not known but some people alleging that he went US to escape the meeting. Recently Anil conducted press meet and revealed number issues. This made Kadambari Kiran to remain in dilemma and some people expressing doubt that this embracing situation compelled him to leave India. Now these people who have row houses kept themselves calm. Still there are some unanswered questions. One is who are obstructing the action against row houses? Second one is who are creating hurdles for not implementing the assurance given by Congress? If these questions get proper answer, the problem automatically gets solved

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