Congress Ticket for Bontu Rammohan

· Will contest from Secunderabad

· More winning chances to Bontu Rammohan

· No scope for either BRS or BJP

· Bontu has good reputation in Telangana Movement

· He played key role in the development of Twin Cities

· Well known as non controversial personality

· He proved his efficiency as Mayor


Bontu Rammohan played key role in Telangana movement. He actively took part in separate state movement since his college days. He became success in explaining detail about the problems faced by Telangana under United Andhra Pradesh rulers. During Telangana movement, Dontu Rammohan stood in first and fought for separate state. During his journey in Telangana movement he faced number of police cases and suffered from atrocities inflicted on him. He never turned back during movement and did not care about his life when it fell in danger. Protecting himself from kidnap and other dangers always stood in front during Telangana movement and participated in each and every action taken up during agitation. He neither slept nor ate properly during the agitation. He always tried to move forward the movement with utmost speed.
This generation knows about Telangana Movement from their books or films or in news papers. But the real life of agitators filled with lot of miseries. Even facing such terrific restrictions students played an excellent role in achieving Telangana. The participation of employees and political leaders confined to some limitations. Only students fought relentlessly for the achievement of Telangana. They didn’t know how much time it will take to reach the goal. They didn’t care about their future and only concentrated on the life and future of the next generation by putting their life in stake. Such sacrifices are the precious ornaments for Telangana. Really speaking, such people still not get proper recognition. Bontu Rammohan is one among such leaders who rouse from student agitation.
There is unconfirmed news that Bontu Rammohan will get Secuderabad seat in coming Lok Sabha elections. Recently he joined Congress party. With strong belief on getting Secunderabad seat he joined in Congress. Congress party leadership have been showing interest to give tickets to those leaders who had a key role in Telangana Movement. It is important to note that Congress party only gave Telangana State. During Telangana movement Bontu Rammohan was student in Osmania University. From then onwards he has good relations with Secunderabad people. Everybody in this constituency can easily recognise him. At the same time nobody is coming forward from BRS to contest from this constituency. In last elections it lost this seat.
On this occasion nobody will oppose the candidature of Bontu Rammohan who is enemy to none. BRS workers also like Bontu Rammohan very much. Secunderabad is strong hold for Congress. Anjankumar Yadav is strong leader in this constitution. Bontu Rammohan has good support from this stalwart leader. In previous elections Bandaru Dattatreya (BJP) used to win this seat. In last elections Present Central Minister Kishan Reddy get elected from Secunderabad. The people of the constituency are in strong opinion that Kishan Reddy never bothered about them. So some negative opinion prevailed among the people on him. As per the surveys in these coming elections winning chances for Kishan Reddy are blink. As Mayor Bontu Rammohan became success in solving the water problem in the city. With this reputation if ticket is given, it can be said that he will definitely emerge victories. After the formation of Telangana State as Mayor Bontu Ramomohan remained successful leader in the development of twin cities.
During his tenure as Mayor, he succeeded in eliminating discontent and moved forward by making all to work in united. Any party leader never criticised Bontu Rammohan. That shows his efficiency in administration and balancing ability of all political forces. He treated all sections of people in equal manner and never gave a chance to anybody to criticize him. For this reason only his wife Sridevi elected as Charlapalli corporater. This is the gift given by the people for his services as Mayor. He successfully made administration to outreach the people. Any work assigned to him, with utmost dedication he will make it finish. This is the ability of Bontu Rammohan. So now he wants to test his fortune in politics by contesting the Secuderabad seat. With the assurance from Congress party and blessings from people Bontu Rammohan is stepping forward to rise in his political career.

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