Chandrababu shall not follow the KCR path

· Give opportunities to hard workers

· Select those who have strived hard for five years

· Power makes all people close to you

· When lost power selfish leaders relinquish the party

· Don’t commit a mistake by joining such people

· Don’t give opportunities to them

· Real leaders always remain with the party

· Such leaders stand in support of the party in adverse situations

· Opportunistic leaders always try to enter during parties on the rise

· Self-survival is their main attitude

· Some leaders are there who lost everything for the sake of the party

· If given the opportunity they can stand like a strong fort for the party

· So give preference to such people

· Don’t give opportunities in the name of party requirements

The lovers of Telugudesam party treat it as the scope of ray for Telugu people. Now again party came into power in Andhra Pradesh. At this juncture party cadre want to make it clear one point to their boss Chandrababu. Their strong wish is that their leader Chandrababu shall not behave like KCR. Because during Telangana movement lakhs of party workers stood in support of the party and cause the movement to continue without stopping. For this purpose day and night they worked hard. Finally what happened? After coming into power in 2014, KCR kept all such dedicated workers aside and gave opportunities to those leaders who have selfish motives. The result for that doing, now KCR is experiencing not only losing the power but also lost his credibility among Telangana people. Those who sacrificed for the party since 14 years are now fell in great depression. When KCR was in power, he used to conceal them for giving opportunities. Now he lost his power and entire party fell in disastrous condition. Those dedicated workers are now scolding KCR for his wrong doings. TDP cadre is now cautioning babu not to behave like KCR. It will not only endanger the party existence but also party cadre will lose their future hopes. This time power didn’t come without hard work of party cadre along with Chandrababu. So now it right time for him to give opportunities to those leaders who really stood behind the party during adverse time. It is not good to give posts to those leaders who already enjoyed various positions in party and government. At the same time it will become wrong to give positions to those leaders who join the party at this time. Party has reliable leaders who didn’t get any position either in the party or government and waiting for their chance. Among them some even lost their properties and faced number of cases filed against them. It is not astonishing that some leaders have highest number of illegal cases against them who still are fighting them in courts.

When party not in power some leaders who reluctant to look at the party now will begin their efforts to join the party with the aim of getting posts. They may be financial stalwarts, who wear white cloths in very neat and try to influence the party top leadership. Chandrababu must be careful enough against such people because there is no use for the party with such so called leaders. They only utilise the party for their selfish benefits but they never become useful to the party. Those who never carried party flag now enter into party to become famous themselves under the shadow of the party. Such people join the party with selfish mottos to increase their properties and to protect those already acquired. They won’t have any love towards the party. Now the party is in power. This is only the cause for them to attract towards it. There is no use at all with such selfish leaders for the party. Those who worked for the party strived hard to make party to come into power. When it achieves power, then also they continue their services to the party. Being in party and working for it in genuine manner, it is reasonable for them to express their desire for a position in the party. Those who are doing politics for the sake of party, are given any post in recognition of their services, it will give strength enough for them to keep the party in strong position. So party high command shall recognise those dedicated leaders in the party. It may take some more time. No problem. Even with later recognition of such leaders will become lifeline for the party. It is not good to give positions to those unreliable leaders keeping aside the real party workers. Those who join the party at this favourable time, always tries to exploit the party position for their selfish deeds. If party fell in danger, they will disappear behind the screens leaving the party for its fate. If real leaders are given some positions, it is definite that they will remain as strong fort for the party. In the past ten years KCR kept aside all those who fought for the cause of Telangana and relied on those selfish leaders. Now he has been experiencing the results for what he has done. When party is in power, it is the primary responsibility of top leadership to protect its cadre who form the base for the party. Such cadre will only stand in support with Lokesh in future. TDP has real leaders those stood in strong resisting the force applied against them from the previous government. They never cared the cases filed against them by YSRCP leaders. Recognition of such leaders is utmost important at this juncture.

During the previous government tenure, TDP cadre stood in support of the party and taken up various party activities and responded in positive with the calls given by party high command to run agitations on various occasions. Every time they have spent in suspense without knowing what will happen. Number of such leaders who want to see Chandrababu again as Chief Minister put their all efforts to lift the party to gain the power. Now they really want to Chandrababu to transform the state into ‘swrnandhara Pradesh’. In last five years they have faced lot of adversities and moved forward sustaining them. At the time of Covid-19 TDP workers participated in service activities also. They stood in support of people who faced fearful situation during Covid-19. Five years they sustained all types of atrocities. Now the time came for Chandrababu to look after them by giving suitable positions in the party.

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